Arrangements for the day

You'll find information about the location of Derby Arena and parking availability here. Please ensure you plan and leave sufficient time for your journey. We are running free of charge shuttle buses to and from the Pride Park side of Derby railway station.

Please read the itinerary for your ceremony carefully.

Make sure you know where you need to be and at what time, such as when you need to register, where to collect your gown, have your photograph taken and when you need to be seated.

At any point during the day, if you have any queries, University staff wearing maroon gowns will be able to assist you.

Collecting your gown and having your photograph taken

Once the graduand has registered at the arena, you can collect your gown and have your photographs taken at the arena. However, please note that there will be limited time to have your photograph taken before the ceremonies and we do expect queues, so there will be an opportunity to have your photographs taken at the Pedigree Suite and Toyota Suite at Pride Park Stadium after your ceremony whether it's a morning or afternoon ceremony.

Registration - IMPORTANT

Arriving late

If you're late, please go to the registration desk at the arena straight away.

The ceremony

The ceremony begins and ends with processions of Executive, Council, civic dignitaries and academic staff. As well as the presentation of the graduates, it includes addresses from the Chancellor or Chair of Council and Vice-Chancellor, and usually the presentation of an honorary degree.

After the ceremony

Arrange a meeting point with your guests, because the foyer area becomes crowded after the ceremony.

Returning your gown

Please return your gown to the arena by 5.30pm.


There will be refreshments available to purchase in the arena.

Ticket collections or queries on the day

Tickets for an overseas mailing/home address will be available for collection on the day of your award ceremony at Derby Arena at the ticket collection desk.

Again, if you have any general queries please contact a member of staff. You'll be able to spot them easily because they'll be wearing a maroon gown.