Buddleia Hotel Lumion FlyThrough video transcript

Buddleia Hotel title shown.

Buddleia Hotel is shown from the front-right side. There front side of the building is a composed from a tall entrance divided into three sections by two white columns. The Hotel is divided into three parts. On the left there is five-story building with a balcony on the second and third floor.

The central part of the building is composed from a five-story building with giant windows that completely replace the walls. The initial part of the second section is composed from giant vertical columns.

The left part of the building contains the entrance to the hotel.

On the left side of the Hotel there is a green garden and a small street

There is a zoom in showing more clearly the entrance, which is an open covered space without doors.

The camera slowly moves to the left side of the hotel, showing the inclined garden and the side of the building, which is composed from giant modern frameless windows.

Through the windows, it is possible to see several table and chairs with people sitting on them.

On the top of this side building there is a balcony with glass borders.

The camera moves then to the back of the hotel to a beige road, surrounded by trees, that goes to the backside of the hotel and shows the other side of the frameless room with tables and the backside of the central section of the hotel, which is composed from massive frameless doors on the ground floor and then rooms with balcony on the first and second floor.

The camera moves forward, and it bring to the end of the beige road leads to some stairs that goes under the middle of the previous 2 building section, reaching the main entrance hall of the hotel. On the left it is possible to notice the main entrance opening from the front side of the hotel.

The camera then goes to the right showing the inside of the hotel, which is composed from a long red bricks path with a reception room on the left and another room on the right, both with giant windows which substitute the walls. The initial part of the bricks path is covered from the building at the top, while the second part is covered from a building which is supported from 2 big white columns.

Surpassing the zone covered from this building the camera turns around showing the zone where we walked before, and it possible to notice that the backside of the building has been reached. This is composed from the building supported from the white columns, which is the middle section of the hotel and has a curved shape, and from the five-story building of the left section of the hotel.

The camera then moves to the right and show the left side of the building, which is composed only from walls except the ground floor which is a open space with white columns and the first floor which has big windows.

The camera then slowly goes back at the front of the Hotel, showing during the way a sign representing the name of the hotel, which is Buddleia Hotel, and displays that the floor other the entrance is a Bar and Restaurant.

The camera moves inside the front entrance opening. The entire left wall is covered from leaves and while on the right there is a small room which contains a car with a straight table with black chairs.

The path is the same red bricks path seen before. Indeed, on the front left is possible to notice the other entrance through the stairs from the right side of the building.

Going forward is possible to notice that the bar is separated from a small path from another room, which is the reception room. The camera goes through this path, goes around the bar, and turns back to the front view of the central building.

Then, it goes back where the sign with the hotel name it, which is at the top of a big glass doors and starts moving forward, entering to the door, and entering inside the building. The room entered is the reception room seen before from the outside. It is composed from a desk on the left with people standing behind and three blue sofas on the right, with a blue carpet on the floor.

On the front there are the stairs that brings the view on the first floor. The camera goes backwards at the reception entrance and the goes up to the first floor, which is an open space on one side, and covered with the second floor on the other. In the covered section there are different sofas layout to sit. Two sofas are facing a big glass windows and two are facing each other with a table in the middle. Then there are several blue armchairs all around. There is an elevator at the end of the covered section.

The camera moves backwards again and the up to go to the second floor.

This floor is composed from a long hallway with light brown wood floor with several brown doors on the left and some on the right. The camera goes forward in this hallway. And focus the view on one brown door on the right, then go inside. The door leads to a bedroom, with a bathroom near the entrance and a wide window at the front that faces. The backside of the building, then moves backwards and exit from that brown door.

It goes near the stairs and then turn right to another hallway and moves forward to a wide glass door, reaching a long and big green area with grass on the bottom and trees on the left. This is a curved open garden on the second floor with sitting space with tents at the end of it. It is possible to notice several big rocks around the garden.

The camera then goes back at the entrance of the garden and then goes up to the third floor. This is similar to the second floor, with light brown wood floor at the bottom.

The camera rotates around the room and stops for a brief moment in a back corner exposing a staircase with walls of foliage at each side. The camera moves sideways until directly in front of the staircase.

Then moving forward and raising the camera gives the illusion of walking up the stairs and rotates again to show the layout of the floor above. From the floor above you can see out of a window before coming to a pair of brown double doors.

Through the brown doors there are multiple grey screens that are curved into S shapes with tables in between set up for division and privacy. A person is sat at a table while looking at a mobile phone.

The camera moves towards two people stood by the hotel’s windows that look out onto the exterior garden. Before rotating around and displaying the room again, moving towards the same design but different brown double doors to exit the room.

Outside of the room the window seen when coming up the staircase perviously can been seen again as the camera moves along to corridor towards another set of brown double doors but turns just before them and shows a long table with multiple office chairs and a sofa set up. Moving down the room and past the meeting table like set up there is another window which shows the garden from a different angle.

The camera exits this room through the window and lowers back down to the entrance of the hotel where a family of three are entering the building pulling suitcases.

The camera retraces and shows a wide shot of the exterior of the front and side of the hotel displaying the ‘Green Spoon Bar & Restaurant’ sign. Multiple people are stood outside admiring the building.

The camera lifts up high and does a whole 360 degrees view of the building displaying the exterior design of the building and the greenery the gardens have to offer.

Buddleia Hotel Lumion FlyThrough video

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