The Covid Talks

A series of talks drawing on our academic expertise to explore how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world around us.

The Coronavirus and the effect it has had on the world has seen humanity having to adapt to a new way of living, with challenges facing us in every facet of our lives.

This adversity has also seen the very best in people come to the fore, using the skills they possess to help aid the fight or make the best of this new reality.

From politics and media to diagnostic radiography and venue design, this series of talks will draw on the expertise and knowledge of our academic staff to explore how the pandemic has affected the areas taught at the University of Derby. We'll also discuss what learnings have come out of the response to the pandemic and reflect on the creativity that can come out of such extreme circumstances.

NHS temporary primary care facility at the University of Derby

Support in the community

As a university, we are committed to supporting our local communities through these challenging times. We have been sharing our wealth of expertise and knowledge to work with, and provide support to, the NHS, local councils, organisations and communities across Derbyshire.

Find out how we've been supporting the local communityFind out how we've been supporting the local community