Understanding and Forecasting Cash Flow and Profit

Date and time
Monday, 31 July 2023
10.00 - 12.00


Join this session to look into how a seemingly profitable business can fail and understand positive and negative cashflows.

European Union Social Fund in Partnership with the Department for work and pensions

The ‘Branch out in STEM’ courses are fully funded, meaning there’s no cost to the participant. This is possible thanks to funding from the European Social Fund and the delivery partners, which include the University of Derby, Nottingham Trent University, Derby College, Nottingham College, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, Enable, Inspire and the Workers’ Educational Association.

What is this session about?

Cash and profit are not the same thing. Cash is the lifeblood of a business - 'Cash is King.' The understanding and management of cash and the cash operating cycle is paramount in a business' survival. It doesn't matter what other performance metrics may say, if you run out of cash you no longer have a business. 

 A cash flow forecast is quite simply a record of when you think you will receive cash in your business and when you think you will pay it out. It is important to make realistic assumptions. The purpose of the forecast is to highlight when your need for cash it at its greatest and determine your funding requirements.

Sadly, four out of five business' failures result from mismanagement of cash. In this workshop, we will consider the tools and techniques to help manage cashflow and review cashflow forecasting, and what data you need to enable this. During this session, we will look at the 'oil that keeps the machinery of our world turning.' We will also look into how a seemingly profitable business can fail and understand positive and negative cashflows. 

This short workshop will help you to begin to learn these skills with an aim of boosting wider STEM knowledge for participants and workplace skills.

Am I eligible to participate?

To participate in the programme you must meet the funding criteria requirements. This means you must work for a small to medium-sized business within the Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire (D2N2) region. Alternatively, you could be self-employed and registered as a sole trader within the D2N2 region.

How much does it cost to attend?

The courses offered are fully-funded meaning there is no cost to participants, and you can enrol as many team members as you like. The Branch out in STEM project is part-funded by the European Social Fund. 

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If you have any employees who may benefit from the range of data science topic workshops which we offer at the University of Derby, or would like to discuss the course further, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to find out more about these funded short courses, please contact our business enquiry team. 

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