Demystifying Business Data for Beginners

Date and time
Thursday, 27 April 2023
09.30 - 11.30


This course will allow beginners to explore and interpret various ways of understanding the full potential of their business data.

European Union Social Fund in Partnership with the Department for work and pensions

The ‘Branch out in STEM’ courses are fully funded, meaning there’s no cost to the participant. This is possible thanks to funding from the European Social Fund and the delivery partners, which include the University of Derby, Nottingham Trent University, Derby College, Nottingham College, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, Enable, Inspire and the Workers’ Educational Association.

What is this session about?

This taster session is for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to unlock the power of their data to make better decisions.

Find out how to improve your marketing strategy, streamline your operations or better understand your customers by harnessing the full potential of your business data.

Am I eligible to participate?

To participate in the programme you must meet the funding criteria requirements. This means you must work for a small to medium-sized business within the Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire (D2N2) region. Alternatively, you could be self-employed and registered as a sole trader within the D2N2 region.

How much does it cost to attend?

The courses offered are fully-funded meaning there is no cost to participants, and you can enrol as many team members as you like. The Branch out in STEM project is part-funded by the European Social Fund. 

Find out more

If you have any employees who may benefit from the range of data science topic workshops which we offer at the University of Derby, or would like to discuss the course further, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to find out more about these funded short courses, please contact our business enquiry team. 

Telephone:+44 (0)800 001 5500
Email: stem-training@derby.ac.uk

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