English Language (Joint Honours)

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What is Joint Honours?

A Joint Honours degree gives you the opportunity to study two subjects as one degree. This type of degree will broaden your skill set and enhance your career prospects.

You can combine any two subjects as long as they’re in different zones, find out what you can combine this subject with.

Why choose this course?

Study English Language as part of our Joint Honours programme and you will enjoy a distinctive, diverse and challenging learning experience, building skills which are relevant to a wide range of career paths.

  • Learn how language shapes our understanding of ourselves and the world
  • Discover things about the English language you never knew, such as the way we produce speech sounds
  • Challenge existing attitudes to linguistic correctness and varieties of English
  • Explore the relationship between language and the human mind
  • Enhance your career prospects by improving your written and oral presentation skills
  • Gain practical experience through work-based learning opportunities.

You can also study English or English Literature and Language as single honours subjects at Derby.

English Language at Derby

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