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PSS Postgraduate Evaluation Toolkits

PSS toolkit Evaluation Toolkits to identify and quantify the benefits to employers of investing in postgraduate education

The Postgraduate Toolkits provide HEIs with tools to support the evaluation of two areas of postgraduate education. The first toolkit supports the evaluation of placements in order to identify the return on investment of employers investing in placement students. The second toolkit supports HEIs and employers to evaluate and maximise the value of employees engaging on postgraduate programmes.


Part A: Placement Toolkit

Despite placements being commonplace in the UK, little has been done to measure the return for employers who invest in them. This toolkit supports HEIs, working with employers to predict possible return, as well as measure return once a placement has concluded. The PDF download of the toolkit introduces the toolkit and the tools. All tools are available as separate downloads. 

Part A Postgraduate Placement Toolkit

Part A Tool 1 - Invitation Pre-Placement

Part A Tool 2 - Pre-Placement Cost-Benefit Planner

Part A Tool 3 - Data Capture Form

Part A Tool 4 - Invitation Post-Placement

Part A Tool 5 - Post-Placement Cost-Benefit Analysis

Part A Tool 6 - Evaluation Record Form


Part B: Employee as Student Toolkit

The Employee as Student toolkit supports HEIs, working with employers, to maximise the fit of postgraduate programmes to the needs of the workplace and employee, and to formatively evaluate this. The toolkit is based on the popular evaluation models of Phillips and Kirkpatrick, and applies their evaluation levels to the postgraduate programme context. 

Part B Employee as Student Toolkit

Part B Tool 1 - Evaluation Checklist

Part B Tool 2 - Development Plan

Part B Tool 3 - Measuring Reaction Tool

Part B Tool 4 - Measuring Change Tool

Part B Tool 5 - Measuring Application and Implementation

Part B Tool 6 - Measuring Business Impact

Part B Tool 7 - ROI Evaluation

Part B Tool 7b - ROI Calculator (Excel)

Part B Tool 8 - Employee Self-Reporting Form

Part B Tool 9 - Post-Evaluation Reflection

Part B Tool 10 - Strategy Planner 

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