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Applicant Days

Markeaton Street Site Applicant Days are a great way of experiencing what it's like to study in the College of Engineering and Technology

Welcome to the College of Engineering and Technology. See the table below for the scheduled taster sessions.


Taster Session Description Courses

Computer Programming in a Nutshell

Available on: 20 February, 16 March, 16 April, 27 April

Computer programming is a fundamental skill required by all who study or work in computing.  Based on the first few weeks of our first-year introductory programming module, in this session you will have the opportunity to use industry-standard tools and gain a taste of what it’s like to develop real computer programs 

During this fun and engaging two-hour session, you will have the chance to explore the foundations of computer programming by creating your own simple applications.  If you have programmed before, you will have the added opportunity to take part in interesting “challenge” exercises.
If you choose to study with us at Derby this session will give you an excellent head start in learning to program.
BSc Computer Games Programming,

BSc Computer Science,

BSc Computer Networks and Security,

BSc Computer Network Engineering,

BSc Data Science,

BSc Cyber Security,

Year Zero (Computer Games Programming, Computer Science, Computer Networks and Security, Computer Network Engineering, Data Science, Cyber Security)

Contacting a Digital Crime Scene 

Available on: 20 February, 16 March

In this engaging practical session you will have the opportunity to develop your investigation skills and familiarise yourself with a digital crime scene.

You will gain the real-world knowledge of how to treat a crime scene and preserve and collect the evidential items that are present.

When all groups have completed the activity you will have the chance to participate in an interactive and informative discussion outlining best practice and procedures. 

BSc Computer Forensic Investigation,

Year Zero (Computer Forensic Investigation)

The Excitement of Big Data Analytics

Available on: 16 April

During this informative taster session you will have the opportunity to be introduced to the two key themes of the BSc Information Technology degree here at Derby: UX (User Experience) Design and Data Analytics.

Your session will take place in the lab and so will be reflective of the environment you will be studying in during the first year of your course. Using UX design tools and tools used in Data Analytics you will be able to engage with and carry out exercises, gaining first-hand experience of working with UX design and big data.

BSc Information Technology,

Analytics Joint Honours,

Year Zero (Information Technology)

A Vertical Slice of CGMA

Available on:
16 March, 16 April 

Cutting edge technology will be available in the labs so for those of you who haven’t experienced the Oculus Rift prepare yourself to be transported from the game labs to immersive environments developed by students at the University of Derby. 

Current third year students will be in the labs developing their final year project who welcome your opinion on their games. As observers and participants you will get the opportunity to playtest and give feedback with a fresh pair of eyes to highlight bugs and improvements as teams prepare to showcase their project at the end of year Game Expo. 

In this relaxed atmosphere applicants will be able to chat to the programme team about the course, ask students about their University experience and last but not least tell us about you!!

BA Computer Games Modelling and Animation


Taster Session  Description Courses

Cool Mathematics

Available on: 16 March, 16 April

For millennia, mathematics has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and artists. It allows us to understand and predict the world around us and it is through mathematics   that we can develop the skill of problem solving.

In this workshop you will engage with short interactive presentations given by mathematicians on selected topics such as numbers, sequences, probabilities, puzzles, cryptography or fractals. Each topic will be followed by fun mini quizzes, along with discussions on problem solving.

BSc Mathematics,

BSc Mathematics and Computer Science,

BSc Mathematics with Education,

Mathematics Joint Honours,

Year Zero (Mathematics)


Taster Session Description Courses

Motorsport Engineering

Available on: 20 February, 16 April

In this taster session you will have the opportunity to take part in two activities.

The first being a  hands-on,  practical activity in our state-of-the-art workshop. – Here you will gain a taste of the workshop sessions available on the course. Each session will be based on a particular area of expertise and could cover such topics as; Engine operation and analysis, Chassis Set up, The Motorsport race-car simulator, etc.

Your second activity provides the chance to engage with the academic side of the course, and will involve the analysis and discussion of the engineering science behind the practical elements of motorsport engineering.

FdEng & BEng Motorsport Engineering

FdEng & BEng Motorcycle Engineering
BEng Motorsport  & Motorcycle Manufacturing Engineering
Year Zero (Motorsport Engineering and Motorcycle Engineering)

Architecture Taster Session

Available on: 20 February, 16 April

In groups of three you will be encouraged to research an Architect and an iconic building.

With this information you will have the opportunity to produce sketches and a scale model.

As a group you will then produce and present a power-point of the Architect and the iconic building. This provides an invigorating taster of the real-world practice performed by a professional architect. 

FdSc Architectural Studies,

BA Interior Architecture and Venue Design,

BSc Architectural Technology & Practice,

Joint Honours Architectural Design

Construction Materials and Surveying Workshop 

Available on: 20 February, 16 April

In this session you will have the opportunity to have some fun and get your hands dirty. Take advantage of the chance to gain hands-on experience of mixing concrete, testing and crushing cubes and having a go with distos, levels and theodolites.

FdEng Civil Engineering,

BSc Civil Engineering,

BEng Civil and Infrastructure Engineering,

JH Property Development,

FdSc Construction,

BSc Construction Management Property Development,

BSc Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management,

Year Zero (Civil Engineering) 

Sustainable and Renewable Energies

Available on: 20 February, 16 April

This taster session is intended to give you a brief taste of some of the styles of learning activity and equipment you will use while studying at the University of Derby.

A short lecture will be followed by lab-based activities designed to introduce some of the concepts of utilising sustainable and renewable energy such as wind, solar etc.

Once these experiments are over and the data collected you can take part in a concluding group analysis and discussion of the design, efficiency and costs of different technologies investigated.

BSc/BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering,

Year Zero (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Analysis of vehicle aerodynamics/Analysis of Mould Tool Design

Available on: 20 February, 16 April

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering:

Beginning in the computer room, the first half of this informative session will explore the fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and will continue on using the CFD software.

Manufacturing and Production Engineering:

Your first activity will begin with mould tool design fundamentals,

followed by a short Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software usage talk, before joining the rest of the group.


Gain valuable experience of one of our lectures. You will be given a tutorial sheet for the Computer Aided Design (CAD) modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to follow.

With this you will have the opportunity to complete a given CAD model (vehicle/mould tool) and run the CFD simulation to find the result.

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering:

You will be taken to the workshop where you will have the opportunity to visualise the flow around a vehicle using the wind tunnel. In this activity the model will be displayed in the wind tunnel ready to be run. You will then be able to put real-world learning into practice and compare the result between the computer and wind tunnel.

Manufacturing and Production Engineering:

As a Manufacturing Engineering student you will continue to work on your CFD models and view on screen simulations of the results. With this activity you will have the ability to make changes and view revised results. The aim here is for you to experience hands-on the different levels of design and to optimise your own proposed design.
BEng Mechanical Eng

BEng Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering

BEng Manufacturing and Production Engineering

Year Zero (Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Manufacturing, Manufacturing and Production)

User Customised Design

Available on: 16 April

This will be a practical session during which you will be asked to produce a creative output through the integration of new technologies and design principles.

The session provides the chance to explore the emerging opportunities for mass customisation of consumer products. Here you will investigate the potential for design manipulation by the end user. This will be achieved through the valuable experience of using 3D scanning and the additive manufacture of components. 

BSc Product Design Engineering,

Year Zero (Product Design Engineering)

Live Event Scenario

Available on: 16 April

This hands-on taster session gives the fantastic opportunity to use and set-up industry relevant systems.

Set up a small sound system and video capture system, before playing some multi-track music and streaming the set-up live on the internet.

This practical experience will have the added benefit of reflecting the course environment, as you will simultaneously benefit from some small teaching activities. 

BSc Sound, Light & Live Event Technology,

BSc Broadcast Engineering and Live Event Technology,

Year Zero (Sound, Light and Live Event Technology, Broadcast Engineering and Live Event Technology)