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Important Skills Tests Information

School Direct

The Skills Tests are now compulsory for anyone wanting to enrol onto an ITT course. We can offer preparation sessions to help prepare for the numeracy and literacy Skills Tests.

What is it?

New legislation introduced in 2012 means that all applicants wanting to undertake teacher training must first take and pass the Skills Tests in numeracy and literacy. This includes those taking the BEd programme, PGCE route, or intending to follow an employment-based route into teaching, like the School Direct programme, as well as the Assessment Only route.

You’ll be required to take Skills Tests if you plan to study:

Booking your place

To help prepare applicants, we host preparation days for both numeracy and literacy at the University. These are usually held between October and April each year.


We have held these short-course preparation days since May 2014. They are well received by our attendees, who left the following comments on their experience:

  • "The day was excellent and I felt the support was there to ensure we were confident with the Skills Tests." 
  • "My confidence has grown over these hours! Without the session I don't think I could pass. Thank you!"
  • "Thank you for this opportunity. I really feel it was invaluable."