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Vanessa Cottle

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Vanessa Cottle

Vanessa is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Programme Leader for the MA (Education).

Vanessa Cottle: Exploring Education at Post-Graduate Level

Exploring Education at Post-Graduate Level

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‘There is a growing demand for educational professionals to develop a more critical understanding of the key and emerging debates in education so that they can better meet the challenges and demands placed upon them. Exploring Education at Postgraduate Level represents a range of perspectives from educational experts to academic researchers, and highlights the key issues surrounding contemporary education.’

Other contibutors include Jo Byrd, Trevor Cotterill, Ang Davey, Sandra Fitton-Wilde, Michael Flay, Melody Harrogate, Dennis Hayes, Jennifer Marshall, Ruth Mieschbuehler, Ruby Oates, Deborah Outhwaite, Fiona Shelton, Vivienne Walkup and Jon White.