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Dennis Hayes

Dennis Hayes

Dennis is professor of education at the University and has published many books.

David Hayes: The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education 120x180

The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education

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‘The silent ascendancy of a therapeutic ethos across the education system and into the workplace demands a book that serves as a wake-up call to everyone.  This' controversial and compelling book uses a wealth of examples across the education system, from primary schools to university, and the workplace to show how therapeutic education is turning children, young people and adults into anxious and self-preoccupied individuals rather than aspiring, optimistic and resilient learners who want to know everything about the world.’

David Hayes: The Routledge Guide to Key Debates in Education

The Routledge Guide to Key Debates in Education

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‘Debating is out of fashion. No one raises the question of what has gone wrong when the entire political project of a society is seemingly reduced to 'education, education, education'. The aim of this lively and challenging book is to provide the stimulus for further thinking about key educational issues by exposing and explaining the assumptions behind this obsession. Over forty contributors, all experts in their fields, have written short, accessible, informed and lively articles for students, teachers and others involved in education. They address broad questions that are central to any understanding of what is really going on in the education system.’

David Hayes: Teaching and Training in Lifelong Learning

Teaching and Training in Lifelong Learning

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"Like good teacher education itself, this book is a carefully crafted mix of theory and practice. It is vital for all those entering this complex sector to understand its history, some of the key philosophies and concepts that have driven research, policy and practice in this area and to be introduced to the ideas of a range of current and past thinkers. At the same time, trainee teachers need to feel they are being given the tools to approach the classroom with confidence. This book provides both." Professor Ann Hodgson, Institute of Education, University of London

David Hayes: Working in Post-Compulsory Education

Working in Post-Compulsory Education

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‘This book looks at the issues facing teachers and trainers currently working in the field of post compulsory education including questions of vocationalism, managerialism, professionalism, accountability, and educational research. Although aimed in part at raising awareness of such issues and the contrasting views which might be held it is intended that readers will use the book to develop an active engagement with these issues. This may be achieved through reflection and evaluation within their own professional context but also through embarking on their own research projects.’

David Hayes: A Lecturer's Guide to Further Education

A Lecturer's Guide to Further Education

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‘This book offers a unique and provocative guide for all lecturers committed to providing the best education and training possible in the changing world of Further Education.’

David Hayes: The McDonaldization of Higher Education

The McDonaldization of Higher Education

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‘The term McDonaldization was coined by the sociologist George Ritzer. It is a valuable tool for providing a theoretical and practical debate concerning novel and defining features of our contemporary world. The contributors to this collection, academics and writers from three countries, examine the McDonaldization of higher education in contemporary society.’