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Publications Header Image 504x250 Institute of Education Publications The Institute of Education are proud to have an extensive list of staff publications


Academics in the Institute of Education influence professional practice in all sectors of education from the early years’ classroom to the university lecture theatre. They do this through the outstanding professional programmes they deliver and through the many hundreds of papers and best-selling books they produce. This is the first ever online catalogue of our Education publications for our students, colleagues and teachers everywhere to see at a glance that our work does what it says on the University of Derby tin – it is innovative and challenging, it inspires and it has impact.

The range and depth of publications is impressive and our authors have asked me to remind readers that further information is available by clicking on the hyperlink to the Amazon store in every book title. If you’re on site at our Kedleston Road campus do visit Blackwell’s bookshop. 

Education Authors in the Institute of Education