MA Education Works! conference - University of Derby

MA Education Works! Conference

Held on 25 June, over 50 delegates attended our first MA Education Works! conference which focused on sharing current and graduate students’ experiences of how their learning has impacted on their education practice and personal and professional development.

Our key note speakers, Sally Fitton and Jo Hawkyard, focused on “How do we narrow the gaps in progress between students within vulnerable groups? The national picture, the local picture and one school's valiant attempt". Jo explained an approach she is testing out at her school using pupil premium funding to deliver targeted support to selected students and monitoring impact on behaviour, learning and attainment. She feels there have been real and tangible benefits from employing three highly skilled permanent teaching assistants to work with the students, clearly raising confidence and aspirations of individuals.

Graduates and current students presented a series of short informal presentations. They entertained and inspired with how they are structuring action research into their professional and reflective practice and the benefits for their own students and colleagues.

Mark Cottingham, who is Headteacher of Da Vinci Community College signed up for our MA Education to be delivered at his school to a group of staff over three years. Staff members Naomi Kerr-Shaw and Kat Whitaker gave insightful accounts of how studying had impacted on them personally and professionally, and how their view of their practice and career progression had been shaped by their experiences to date.

Take a look at some pictures from the day:

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Our grateful thanks go to:

  • Emma Davies
  • Arooj Shameem
  • Richard Green
  • Jessie (Jihong) Moore
  • Pat Ford

Their enthusiasm and commitment to professional learning and occasional surprises and honesty at how it had affected them was infectious.

We also need to thank all the students who submitted examples of their learning and research by displaying their academic posters around the hall. There was a buzz of networking colleagues, reflecting on the academic posters, making new contacts and quizzing others for information over a drink and a buffet supper.

Comments from current student Pat Ford:

"What a valuable experience this has been for someone like me, who has‌ a phobia of interviews and selling my skills. I love the role of AST in my school and have been given freedom to develop a coaching programme at our school. As I progressed through the MA Education, I realised that I wanted a chance to evaluate it, so I used the time to develop my study of coaching and how our staff had accommodated the initiative. We are now in Coaching Cycle 2 and this will continue next year as part of the evidence for performance management."

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