Mastery in Mathematics: Making it happen in KS2 classrooms

Maths Mastery

Session 1, Mastering Number and Early Algebra at Key Stage 2: 4.30pm - 6.00pm, Wednesday 9 November 2016

Session 2, Mastering Geometry and Statistics at Key Stage 2: 4.30pm - 6.00pm Wednesday 16 November 2016

Venue: Kedleston Road Campus, University of Derby, DE22 1GB

This course is aimed at Key Stage 2 teachers, Mathematics subject leaders and any participants in the previous Mastery Approaches to the Learning and Teaching of Mathematics programme. 

Following the introduction of the 2014 National Curriculum for Mathematics, schools continue to be challenged to adopt pedagogical approaches which enable pupils to develop "mastery of mathematics". Mastery implies pupils should gain strong conceptual understanding of the subject as well as confident fluency in using and applying core skills and knowledge. The 2016 SATs confirm that mathematical "mastery" as well as convincing reasoning and problem-solving skills form clear pre-requisites for success within the new assessment structures for Key Stage 2 children. 

Aims of the programme

  • To enable participants to secure practical pedagogical approaches which are rooted in the principle ‘mastery approaches to the learning and teaching of mathematics’.
  • To enable participants to build on and adapt current best practice in order to promote pupils’ ‘mastery’ of mathematics.
  • To explore focused and realistic ideas for the classroom that enable pupils to reason as well as problem-solve more effectively and to cope with demands of new style SATs papers in particular.
  • To enable participants to integrate problem-solving consistently in their daily pedagogical approach.
  • To provide opportunities for participants to develop, trial, evaluate and share ideas that exemplify ‘mastery approaches’.
  • To enable participants to support pupils’ fluency skills.
  • To generate opportunities for participants to set up mutually supportive networks for ongoing work on ‘mastery approaches to the learning and teaching of mathematics’.   

 Why might you be interested?

As a participant, you would:

  • Receive a high quality programme of CPD.
  • Collaborate with other professionals both to enhance your pedagogical skills and to deepen your subject knowledge for teaching mathematics at Key Stage 2.
  • Benefit from collaboration with local and national mathematics networks.

 As a headteacher, you would:

  • Generate potential to enhance the quality of learning and teaching of mathematics in your school.
  • Potentially support your drive to raise standards of achievement and attainment in your school.
  • Extend possibilities for the sharing of best practice in mathematics learning and teaching in your school.
  • Potentially be able to provide opportunities for colleagues to be coached and supported in their teaching of mathematics.
  • Develop opportunities for your school to become part of a wider network of schools locally and nationally with a shared interest in raising standards.
  • Enhance the provision of mathematics in your school.


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