Facilities - School Direct and Post 14 - University of Derby


We offer a great student experience, always focusing on you as an individual and working hard to prepare you for the challenges of 21st century teaching and learning. Explore our teacher education facilities below:

Science Specialist Room

Students can access the primary equipment for the learning and teaching of primary science in this room. The glass whiteboards are used regularly by the students to explore ideas and disseminate them to the rest of the group.

English Specialist Room

Primary English is taught in K103 and this is clear to the eye when you see the many resources located in the room. You have access to a range of high quality material and are also surrounded by the mock role play areas that are created by the Early Years' Hub.

Maths Specialist Room

Primary Mathematics is taught within Room K102. The displays and resources are available to support the students when developing their own subject knowledge but also in how to teach the subject to the different aged children in their care. There is always a problem of the week on display!

Kirtley Hall

This fantastic space is used very flexibly. It is used when students are undertaking PE and dance sessions or when we need a room for making lots of noise like music sessions! We can also transform it into a normal classroom space. The Mezzanine Level is really useful for observing teaching and learning, and we have had many teachers bring their children to take part in sessions to enhance everyone's progress.

Foundation Subjects Room

The easy-to-clean floor and sink in this room are giveaways for the use of this room. Whether it is DT and Art or the Humanities, there are always plenty of resources to engage with. Collaborative working is often seen happening in this room, with some weird and wonderful creations often produced!