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Emma Hyde

What course are you studying? Emma Hyde
I study the MA Education programme (part time).

Why did you choose to study this course?
I choose to study this course for my Career Development.

What have you particular enjoyed about the course?
I enjoyed the Teaching style as it was very participative. The sessions were delivered at a variety of times in the evenings and weekends. This helped me to fit the course around my work commitments.

What has your experience been of the lecturers and facilities at Derby?
The lecturers and facilities have been excellent. I received excellent support from the lecturers as they have been flexible e.g. telephone tutorials, tutorials at evenings and weekends.

How have you found it fitting the course around your work and your other commitments?
This has been challenging, as I work full time and study leave from employer has helped enormously.

How do you feel the course has benefited you both personally and professionally?
Personally, my confidence and knowledge have increased and the experience has been a valuable networking opportunity.

Professionally, I have been promoted since starting the course and it was definitely a contributing factor! I have also had 2 abstracts accepted to present a theme paper at 2 different conferences later this year.

What would you say to someone thinking of going on the course?
Tenacity is key! Be prepared to work hard, but the rewards are worth it.