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University policies

University policies

A message from Professor John Coyne, Vice Chancellor at the University of Derby

"As the education sector enters challenging times, it will be our values that will give us the courage as a community to support one another and achieve success. 

We have opportunities to gain the recognition, respect and reputation of our communities through high quality teaching, academic achievement and the overall student experience. It will be these factors and how we go about supporting these areas that will influence student perceptions which will ultimately influence student choice.

Every member of staff in the University, irrespective of job role or level, has a critical role to play in sustaining a values-led organisation and influencing this.

We should never forget that 'how' we approach our work and each other is as important as 'what' we do. Our values will however, only live if we all actively support each other, show respect and reflect on our actions whilst we achieve our collective ambition." 

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