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New students

New students

“The relationship between teacher and learner is completely different in higher education from what it is in schools. At the higher level, the teacher is not there for the sake of the student, both have their justification in the service of scholarship”. - Humboldt (1810)

This programme is designed to promote the development of professional educational practice within the HE classroom and this notion permeates every element of the programme. One of the key characteristics of the programme is the extent to which personal reflection and engagement with scholarly activity informs individual practice, together with the reflection upon personal subject pedagogy. This programme aims to provide you with the ability to develop a wide range of skills and competences that will enable you to be an effective practitioner within Higher Education.  

On completion of this programme it is expected that participants will be able to critique the learning, teaching and assessment theories that underpin effective classroom management within a higher education establishment.  In addition you will be able to evaluate theories and their application to specific subject areas and consider the development of communities of practice to enhance personal development within scholarship.  

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