Mentors - PG Certificate Higher Education - University of Derby



“The mentor is an authoritative guide, using worldly wisdom to encourage maturation. They help the protégé enrich, clarify and hone their consciousness; they juggle hard reality and gleaming possiblility.” - Telemachus and Mentor (Fabisch, 1699)

Each student will be allocated a personal tutor from the programme delivery team who will provide academic support and ideally, will be the person who conducts the teaching observation, and guides students through the subsequent action planning process. 

In addition to the pastoral and academic support provided through the programme, a mentor system is also in place to support students within their own subject area. These subject specific mentors are allocated and provided by the faculties and will: 

  • support the participant with subject pedagogy and subject scholarship
  • undertake the role of a critical friend within learning and teaching
  • conduct a paired observation with a member of the programme delivery team of the students classroom practice. 

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