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Guest speakers

Information on the 2016 talks and presenters

Key Note Speaker:
Professor Robin Simmons, Huddersfield University

Professor Robin Simmons (University of Huddersfield) brought a sociological and historical perspective to the topic of NEETS, young people who are not in education, employment or training. He challenged current educational thinking and the rationale for raising the participation age (RPA) highlighting how various UK Governments since the early 20th century have claimed to have addressed the related issues.

'Raising the Age of Compulsory Education in England: a NEET Solution?'

This lecture critically assessed the attempt to raise the age of compulsory participation in education or training to 18. Whilst it is acknowledged that RPD has certain consequences for some young people – and practitioners working with them – it is argued that raising the participation age is, in the context of 21st Century England, actually a rather conservative and tame initiative, especially in comparison to previous attempts to achieve this goal.


Guest Speaker:
John Daly, Swiss Education Group in partnership with MA Education

John Daly (Swiss Education Group) presented a lively and entertaining insight into their experience of organisational development and transformation that is emerging from their engagement with masters level study, starting with their senior leadership and now permeating to other staff groups. Their new learning has helped shape and maintain momentum, bringing a cultural shift. Coaching and mentoring has been at the heart of this, from the daily practices of the senior leadership team to the students’ learning. The key to this transformation has been collaboration and good leadership with significant and rewarding investment in their human capital.

'Growing Knowledge Capital through academic leadership at Swiss Education Group'

In 2012 Swiss Education Group (SEG) contracted the University of Derby for the delivery of the PG Cert in HE in order to fulfil local accreditation requirements. Four years later, the original cohort is now completing the MA Education. SEG had no idea where this journey would take them or the dramatic transformational impact it would have on their organisation and the way in which they lead teaching and learning.


Guest Speaker:
Dr Alison Hardman, PGCE School Direct programme leader at the University of Derby

Dr Alison Hardman (University of Derby) unpacked the vast range and intriguing complexities of what today’s teachers really need to know in order to be confident, effective and inspiring practitioners; so much more is required than to just teach your subject . This is because of the seismic shift in our educational landscape. She outlined the lack of research in this area, highlighted the longstanding problem and challenged the low status associated with teaching in the United Kingdom.

'What Teachers Need to Know'

Dr Alison Hardman shared the findings from her Doctorate of Education study. Set within the current context of teaching and teacher education, the presentation explored what at first glance seems a simplistic question: What do teachers need to know? Drawing upon some pertinent international perspectives and implications for practice, the presentation reflected upon important philosophical viewpoints that serve to frame perceptions of teacher knowledge. By addressing some of the wider political, professional and pedagogical considerations allied to this focus, points made raised some key questions for the very future of the profession.

What our delegates said:

“Extremely relevant to current issues experienced within my classroom” - Terry Brennan

“Demonstrated the multiple areas of knowledge essential for teachers that are often over-looked” - Maria Skamagkouli

“Empowering, inspired thinking for future project” - Kelly Parmar

“Gave me ideas to take back to my setting” - Michelle Parkin