Posters from the day - University of Derby

Posters from the day

MA Education Works 7 July 2016

See the work presented by our students

The MA Education Works! conference included an exhibition of academic posters.

These posters result from students’ assessment tasks in selected modules. They focus on evidence of students’ learning and the quality of that evidence rather than the technical skills used to create the poster.

Three posters won awards for the quality of their evidence and the detail included. 

All posters are in .pdf format.

Measuring and Evaluating Learning

Theresa von Wielligh (prize winner)

Helen Bayne, Jean-Michael Dubois, Lyndsey Thomas, Jaco von WiellighSusan Codrington

Crafting Your Masters Study

Scott Rhodes (prize winner)

Kevin MooreRuby French

Negotiated Module: Applied Focus (NQT)

Jade Sleigh (prize winner)

Alisa Boa, Lorna O'Dowd, Roxanne Billingham

Negotiated Module: Applied Focus

Claire DonnachieSarah Bannister

What our delegates said:

“Extremely relevant to current issues experienced within my classroom” - Terry Brennan

“Demonstrated the multiple areas of knowledge essential for teachers that are often over-looked” - Maria Skamagkouli

“Empowering, inspired thinking for future project” - Kelly Parmar

“Gave me ideas to take back to my setting” - Michelle Parkin