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During the MA Education Works! Conference, a series of posters were displayed on the Atrium balcony.

All posters displayed were the outcome of summative assessment at the end of a module, with the acception of the Children’s Places module. In this latter module, posters were created by students during the module to show how they were planning, preparing, and working towards their final summative written assessment.

*denotes prize winning poster, as voted for by MA Education course lecturers.

Masterly Academic Practice

This is a core module and may only be taken as the first module in the programme. Students identifying and develop key personal and academic competencies associated with successful study at Masters Level in the context of a topic/theme of professional significance and of their own choice.

Amanda Griffiths: Reflection at Masters Level

Chrissie Draper: Thinking Critically at Masters Level

Egemen Algan: Harvard Referencing

Neil Fitzgerald: Successful Engagement with Masters Level Study *

Rhiannon Elliott: Successful Study at Masters Level

Stravroula Patera: Creating an Essay

Wendy Conrad: What Does the Literature Say About Postgraduate Students...

Developing Leadership Capacity

Leadership requires a very specific skill set across a wide range of areas, driven by policy, and cannot be prescribed as it is constantly required to respond to new challenges.  In addition we have a need to develop new leaders in significant numbers to meet forthcoming demand.

Christina Gkioka: Developing Leadership Capacity in Tertiary Education

Sadie Lewis: Leading the Curriculum Through Progress 8

Satolia Aikaterini: Great Schools need Great Leaders

Stamatia Fafaliou: Leaders Create More Leaders *

Measuring and Evaluating Learning

Never before has education been so data driven in terms of its impact evaluation.  What are we measuring? How are the benchmark standards derived and what does the data reveal? What are we missing?  How does our measurement and evaluation of learning (including assessment of, for and at learning) meet the needs of the learner?‌

Joanna Greenaway: Independent Research Skills - How and why...

Children’s Places

Exploration of children’s places in terms of the places they inhabit, homes, nurseries, early schooling etc.  Consideration is given to how we envisage childhood today and the child’s place in society.

Elaine Clemerson: School Readiness - Is it important, how can we ensure...

Helen Kerry: Promoting Social and Emotional Well-Being...

Rebecca Elliot: Parental Partnership - Supporting practitioners... *

Negotiated Module

This is not a taught module. The student chooses an area of focus to study. They receive some support and guidance to prioritize their interests.

Ruth Golton: Setting Up a Secondary Nurture Group

What our delegates said:

"Very interesting talk by Tony Clifford; I would like to learn more. Also, Val Poultney and Pete Scales offered food for thought. [I] really enjoyed viewing the students’ posters – all very unique and looked so professional. I will use these as examples of progress/impact for evaluation of the program [MA Ed – partnership]." - Michelle Preece, Learning and Development Manager, Derby College

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