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Victoria Kilby

"I attended only four open days, Derby was my second visit – after that first day I was sure Derby would be the place for me and I in fact retracted all other applications even before my exams had been sat. The University had a friendly and welcoming feel from day one, when I was asked to attend an interview for the BEd course I was over the moon. The interview day was fantastic and made me realise even more that this was the course, and University for me."


What inspired Victoria to become a teacher? ‌

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I began volunteering as a Rainbow leader as soon as I turned 16 purely because I wanted to carry on my involvement with girlguiding and I enjoyed working with younger children. I spent time working with Brownies and Guiding groups, but most enjoyed my evenings with the youngest girls. As a keen swimmer, I out-grew my local club at around the age of 14, instead of leaving however I turned to volunteering with the non-swimmers, and in turn progressed to teaching large groups and higher abilities. This experience lead to my first part time job as a swimming teacher and lifeguard. 

What difficulties/ challenges did Victoria face? 

As my peers were applying for their universities and courses I became more and more unsure about what route I wanted to take, worrying about the expense of University for a course I wasn’t particularly sure of caused me to back away from the idea of further study, I just didn’t know what was out there. Leaving it perhaps far too late, I arranged a meeting with my college’s career advisor, armed with my CV, personal statement and a list of my interests I sat and had what has now appeared to be the most important conversation of my life. After what must have been no more than a 20 minute chat, I was asked, ‘Why on earth aren’t you going into teaching?’ It had just never seemed obvious to me!

Everything after that seemed to pass so quickly, I researched universities, all local to my home town of Leicester as I was anxious about moving away from home. My elder brother however insisted that I move away, stating that I’d always regret it if I didn’t after his experiences as ‘a proper student’, now I can see he was exactly right. (Annoyingly!) My Ucas application was changed to ‘living in halls.’

What is Victoria's view on her experience's at Derby University? 

As soon as I arrived to be greeted in halls by other ‘BEd-ers’ all my worries vanished. Being a Fresher was amazing, it’s true what they say, the people I met on that very first day are still my closest friends and will be for life. I cannot believe how much two years at Derby University has changed me for the better; I am now a confident student teacher with academic results that I never thought I’d be able to achieve. I now have two homes. Leicester with my family and Derby with my friends, moving into Halls of Residence is definitely one of the best things I have ever decided to do. Working hard to get into the third year of my degree is another. The dream of having a ‘Miss Kilby’ plaque on the door of my very own classroom in less than 2 years is slowly becoming reality, I know  that I still have a long way to go and a lot more hard work to do, however when I look back at what I’ve achieved so far, I know it will very soon be worth it!