Samantha Brumby, BEd - What our students say - University of Derby

Samantha Brumby

"I visited local universities to see what courses they offered and which University was right for me and as soon as I walked through the door at Derby University, it was my first choice. I remember thinking that not only were the resources and facilities extensive but also, I immediately recognised the friendliness of the staff who were extremely supportive from the offset."


What inspired Samantha to become a teacher? Image for BEd Case study

I have always considered a career in teaching however after leaving education, I found myself working in finance. Before I knew it four years had passed me by and I realised that accountancy wasn’t for me. Having not been in an academic environment for what seemed like a lifetime, I was both apprehensive and nervous about leaving my job to pursue a career in teaching, but also very excited about what it might bring.

What support did Samantha receive during her time at the University? 

I remember feeling very apprehensive in year one as my first placement in school was approaching, however the support and advice given in lectures and workshops was great preparation. For our first placement, we were given a ‘buddy’ so we not only had some company, but also some moral support. By having the buddy system, we had a familiar face to share our thoughts and anxieties and we were able to share lesson ideas and team teach so that the pressure of standing in front of the class alone was taken away from us.

What difficulties/ challenges did Samantha face?

The transition from year one to year two was the biggest for me, having jumped to 60% independent teaching from a predominantly observation based placement in year one. During year two of the BEd programme, we took on the roles and responsibilities of the class teacher and although the thought of this was daunting, the reality was incredible and such an enlightening experience. Of course the experience didn’t come without its ups and downs but as a whole, it really helped me to identify the progression I had made.

What is Samantha doing now?

I have now been accepted to complete the course on a three year route and I cannot wait to get back into school and put into practice all that I have learnt from lectures and workshops. I have had such a fantastic experience in my teacher training so far and I now look forward to having my own classroom next year where I can inspire children to learn through creative and engaging lessons. I have been really inspired and encouraged to teach and become the teacher I want to be through the BEd programme and I am really excited about what’s to come.