Rebecca Linsdell, BEd - What our students say - University of Derby

Rebecca Linsdell

"Gaining experience in the classroom was essential for my personal development and this is why I chose a BEd at the University of Derby as the course offered a variety of placements over the four years. The length of the course appealed to me as I knew that four years would allow me to develop professionally and academically and lead me on the path to my goal as a Teacher."


What inspired Rebecca to become a teacher? Image for BEd Case Study

What do you want to be when you’re older? ‘A teacher’ had always been my immediate response from the age of five. During secondary school was the time when I realised that this dream could be a reality. Throughout secondary school I engaged with the community and completed a Junior Sports Leadership Award (JSLA) where I organised and ran events in the local community. This is where my spark for teaching began. Leading after school clubs, running sports events for Primary Schools and interacting within children gave me the insight into the rewards of teaching. 

What is Rebecca's view on her experiences of the course and the University? 

In the past two years the course has allowed me to develop both my subject and personal development. From a variety of university sessions, lectures and seminars, I have interacted with peers and developed my social skills which have been transferred into my placement settings.  From university session I have learnt the role of a teacher, professionalism and diversity and through placement, I have had the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice. Placement opportunities have shown me first-hand experience of a teacher’s day-to-day life, preparing me for the future.

What opportunities did Rebecca receive from the BEd course? 

My degree has given me the opportunity to personalise my own learning and think ahead to the future. Through module choices and placement opportunities I have been able to shape the teacher I want to be in the future. From the past two years at university I have learnt the importance on individualisation and this was essential in my progression professionally. Choosing modules of ‘Learning beyond the classroom’ and ‘mathematics’ I have begun to personalise the teacher I want to be. Through my course I have been able to gain experience in SEN schools and I’m considering continuing with this route, shaping me as a future teacher.  

If there is anything that I have learnt from the BEd degree it’s that commitment and determination are needed to succeed! With this in mind, the experiences and knowledge gained by this course and my goal in sight, I believe I will be a fully prepared teacher.