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Jade Gilbert

"I can’t wait to become a teacher and I would certainly recommend this course for anyone wanting to go into the teaching profession as the course and staff really help you develop yourself and encourage you to follow your own interests in education. I know for sure that the course has set me up for my teaching career and I can’t wait to be saying a huge thanks from my very own class to all the teaching team at Derby for their help they have given me."

What route did Jade take running upto university? ‌New image for Jade Gilbert - BEd Case study

I followed the typical route through education, staying on at school to complete my ‘A’ Levels in English Language and Literature, Health and Social Care and a BTEC award in Children’s Care, Learning and Development at sixth form. After that, I went to college to study even further and gain some ‘A’ Level qualifications in Sociology and Film Studies to help me towards my suitability for the course. Alongside my academic experience, I spent some time volunteering in schools and other educational settings until I was accepted on the course. These experiences secured my thoughts about becoming a teacher as I was able to see how I was making a difference in the lives of the children I came into contact with and I knew I wanted to carry this on.

What difficulties/ challenges did Jade face?

I am the first in my immediate family to go to University. Therefore, some of my experiences at University have been new for me. However, the friendly support from lecturers and others on the course made finding the way of University life, easy. The support from my family has made this experience manageable as I know I can call on them to help me through my study. Whilst studying I still manage to work part-time at a local fitness facility where I am a receptionist. This has meant that I have had to be conscious of managing my time effectively, making sure that I make time for study, home and work. Although sometimes this has been challenging, it has been possible for me and keeps me running at a fast pace (useful for when I’ll be teaching).

What influenced Jade to come to Derby University?

I knew that I wanted to study an education degree, so initially I grouped together universities that offered this course. Derby University soon became my first choice as it was extremely important for me to be close to my family in Leicestershire. The University was fairly local to me (Midlands) and I knew that I could commute to and from it fairly easily. I also had heard that the University was well-known for its teaching course which persuaded me to study here.

What are the highlights of the course?

The course has given me so much more than just the study of education. The experiences I have had at Derby have shaped me for the better. Engaging in some of the wider aspects of the course has given me a great confidence, which I know will steer me in the right direction for my future career. I have managed to meet lots of new people and have gained many new friends. Furthermore, my placements have shown me a range of schools, all of which have their own qualities. The course itself allows you to personalise your degree, which has lead me to specialising in creative arts but also attending a variety of placements to support my understanding. One of which was a placement at Twycross Zoo!


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