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What our students say

Sarah Chapman landing slideshow image 504 x 250 Sarah Chapman, BA (Hons) Education Studies In the 2014 National Diversity Awards, Sarah won the Positive Role Award for Disability - "You get to learn about the whole picture, rather than just what goes on in the mainstream classroom."

Emma Fitzgerald, Education Studies (Joint Honours)

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"For me, the best thing about Education Studies was the support of all the lecturers. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did. I enjoyed the whole experience; it was amazing.

Teaching resources were readily accessible to me and I was able to email my lecturers to ask anything I was unsure of. The e-library was fantastic because I didn’t have to come into the University to get books out. I ordered all my books online and I booked e-journals and other things online, too. I have a little girl, and because of things like half-term and holidays, having those resources to hand made things easier.

The resources for my dyslexia were fantastic and I received constant support. The Education Studies team were great at providing support and I think that without those tools in place I would have struggled with university. To have the note-takers, extra teaching, and the other resources was perfect for me.

The city is a great place for families and mature students like me, but it’s also great for young people. Derby’s a small city, but it has everything.”

Education Studies (Joint Honours)

Sam Stephens, BA (Hons) Education Studies

"The whole Derby experience, from the University to the local life, was really where I found my place. As well as enjoying the experiences of city life, there was also the opportunity of a much more rural lifestyle, just on the doorstep.

The team on this course were extremely friendly, approachable, and very helpful whenever assistance was needed, and the sense that they were there for every step was evident. The passion they demonstrated is a credit to the University and its students.

The course offered exciting and alternative methods of assessment and learning experiences, which differed from many other courses.

The flexibility in module choice was a major selling point, with the option of modules such as placement modules, whereby I could choose what type and where to fulfil my placement."

BA (Hons) Education Studies with optional pathway in SEND, TESOL or Career Development

Ian Chuck, BA (Hons) Education Studies

"I wanted to be a teacher, however, I was unsure about the route to take. Education Studies is a definite route that should be explored when considering education as a whole.

The course, while being challenging and demanding, was engaging and interactive with many opportunities. It also allowed me to sit back and realise the many different forms of education available.

If you’re interested in education and the huge role it plays, consider Education Studies at the University of Derby."

BA (Hons) Education Studies with optional pathway in SEND, TESOL or Career Development

Nigel Playdon, Education Studies (Joint Honours)

"One of the advantages of studying Education Studies (Joint Honours) is the transferable skills that can be gained, allowing a different thought process and creating more lateral thinking. Linking psychology with education studies allowed me a deeper understanding of educational environments and children's cognitive approaches within these.

Mature learning at this level was an exciting and stimulating process that was an engaging and addictive experience. I was able to pursue my passion for a career in education, whilst gaining an understanding of children's development through psychology.

Studying two subjects simultaneously created differing angles of thought, offering refreshing diversity to my learning. It also greatly enhanced my reading areas and provided a wealth of accessible and transferable knowledge."

Education Studies (Joint Honours)