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SEND Research Cluster

The PDN for SEND and Inclusive Practice (PDN-SIP) seeks to enable a strong research orientation in its work. This is a reflection of ‘the strong evidence that teachers and teacher educators need to engage with research, in the sense of keeping up to date with the latest developments in their academic subject and on effective instructional techniques to inform their pedagogical content knowledge.

BERA (2014) recently reported on strong evidence that teachers and teacher educators need to be equipped to engage in enquiry-‌oriented practice, which means having the capacity, motivation and opportunity to use research-related skills to investigate what is working well and what isn’t fully effective in their own practice. You can read the full report here. 

High-performing education systems demonstrate that this type of enquiry-oriented practice requires clinical preparation, through carefully designed programmes of initial teacher education, which allow trainee teachers to integrate knowledge from academic study and research with practical experience in the school and classroom.

The focus on clinical practice then needs to be sustained throughout teachers’ professional careers, so that disciplined innovation and collaborative enquiry are embedded within the professional culture and become the established way of teaching and learning in every school.

The PDN-SIP seeks to build this research culture into its work and promote it as an essential resource for effective professional development.

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