PDN - Education Studies and SEND - University of Derby


Development Network

The Network promotes collaborative ways of working, enabling professionals to share their skills and expertise.

How we work

The PDN for SEND and Inclusive Practice includes Head Teachers and Senior Teachers from special education and mainstream settings, University colleagues, and colleagues connected to LA support services. The Network seeks to work collaboratively in ways that enable professionals in the field to share their skills, expertise and best practice. It takes methodical action to enable such networks to flourish with an emphasis on securing confidence, readiness and insight among professionals in the field, resulting in positive outcomes for children and young people.

What's important to us?

  • To adopt a research orientation so as to encourage evidenced based practice and a professional community that can learn together and enhance outcomes for learners.
  • To sustain SEND and inclusive practices at the centre of strategic development at the University of Derby.
  • To enhance the learning and development of practitioners (and students who will be joining the workforce) in ways that secure positive outcomes for children and young people.
  • To secure in the professional community, confidence, readiness and insight about how to enhance the education and life experience of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities.
  • To strengthen the University's reputation as a centre for excellence in SEND and inclusive practices.