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Bobbie Jones

What did you enjoy about the course?    ‌

Bobbie Jones In my first year, the idea of meeting so many new people is
terrifying, however after induction and activities during lessons you begin to make friends and become more comfortable.

Now at level 5, I look forward to seeing everyone, using their knowledge and supporting them throughout the course. The modules are made to challenge thinking as well as teach you about children and young people.  Also feedback is given after each module which is really helpful.

What do you think about the lecturers?

The lecturers are a lovely, caring team that not only act as tutors but someone to talk to about everyday problems. They challenge you to think in different ways and provide support whenever it is needed. They also provide feedback on assignments that is constructive and that will support you with future modules.

Did you have the opportunity to do a Placement?

I did undertake a placement and it was good experience as you can apply your learning to practice. You get first-hand experience at working with a range of people including teachers, agencies, parents and professionals. It allows you to see how policies, that are taught in lesson, are implemented in the real world.