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2016 and before...

Wootton Hall, 1926 (c) Staffordshire Past trackThis section is reserved for Events emerging for 2016 - or indeed before that - however, added to this are some articles on what happened whilst Jean-Jacques was in England from January 1766 to May 1767; a sub-section we’ll call ‘Visit’.

Curiously, we start Visit with his departure.‌

Regarding Events, we begin here to introduce some thoughts and ideas (in no particular order); some of these are strongly connected with, and some only loosely associated, with Rousseau, his life and times:

  • a series of salons – not particularly enjoyed by Jean-Jacques, but important in their day in French society. These is where people came together to convivially debate the “matters of the day”, commonly directed by a (female) salonnière. The principle is to encourage open discussion; no prior knowledge, no powerpoint, it goes where it goes. We have three planned for 2015. 23 June in Ashbourne, and 20 October in Derby (Note: the salon in Derby on 25 June has, regrettably, been cancelled)
  • La Lecture chez Madame Geoffrinsome conferences, larger and smaller information get-togethers. One is a talk with Ashbourne Heritage Society on 10 November ‌2015 
  • an environmental day‌ in Wootton on the 28 June 2015 (his birthday).



Salon de Madame Geoffrin

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