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Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT)

'Supporting teacher education since 1981'

The Centre for Educational Research and Innovation is the administrative home of SCETT.

The Standing Committee for the Education and Training of Teachers (SCETT) was established in 1981 by the major teaching unions and professional associations. Taken together, the constituent, associate and individual members of SCETT represent the interest of three quarters of a million teachers in supporting and developing initial teacher education and training and in all forms of continuing professional development.  SCETT is a Registered Charity (Number 296425).

Aims and Purposes

SCETT provides a forum for all those engaged in the education and training of teachers and in their continuing professional development, whether it be in schools, colleges of further education or in higher education institutions.

Many of the professional associations representing teachers at every stage and level are in membership of SCETT, together with training schools, colleges and universities and other professional organisations. Individual membership is also welcomed. The SCETT committee fully reflects this breadth of experience.

SCETT is a democratic organisation. The Committee is elected from its membership and decisions about its policies, activities and programme are taken collectively.

SCETT’s aims are:

1. To initiate and contribute to the formulation of policies for teacher education and to make recommendations accordingly to the appropriate bodies;

2. To participate with appropriate bodies in discussion on matters of concern to teacher education.

3. To promote communication and collaboration between those representatives and others involved in teacher education and the teaching profession.

4. To encourage and initiate the promotion of research and development in teacher education.

SCETT organises an annual seminar programme and a conference. It draws strength from its distinctive membership which allows it to bring together a uniquely wide range of teachers and education and training stakeholders.

Enquiries about SCETT should be directed to Soula Demetriou, SCETT Administrator:

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