Post-compulsory and Vocational Education Research Cluster - Other Research - University of Derby

Post-compulsory and Vocational Education Research Cluster

The PAVER cluster is a collaborative group of inquiring professionals working in and around post-compulsory education. We seek to build research capacity among educators in the University’s post-14 and college partnership. We welcome collaboration with others researching post-compulsory education and related fields in colleges and other work-related settings. We also seek to develop research-informed teaching practice in and around post-compulsory and vocational education.

The aim of the cluster is to develop and deepen understanding of policy, practice and context in post-compulsory and vocational education, both in the UK and internationally. Our interests centre on vocational education and such institutions as Further Education Colleges but extend to other educational settings, including schools and workplaces; and to other areas and phases of education provided in these settings. We seek to develop understanding of educational practice, as well as the institutions, policies and industrial organisations that shape these practices.

We undertake research projects across this broad field and around its boundaries, sharing our findings at regular events which are open to all with an interest in the field. We also support educators in the field who want to develop their own practice in partnership with a wider community engaged in scholarship and research.

Members of PAVER:

Bill Esmond
Hayley Wood
Peter Tunnicliffe
Steve Holmes (Chesterfield College)