Summer School

Get ready to join us for the University of Derby experience!

The Year 10 Residential Summer School takes place from Tuesday 10 - Thursday 12 July at our Buxton campus. It's a fun-filled three days of exciting tasters, team building activities, social events and an insight into student life!

This year's Summer School is brought to you by the University of Derby and our partners DANCOP (the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Collaborative Outreach Programme). If you'd like to find out more about DANCOP, then follow this link to their website. Staff from the University and DANCOP as well as University student ambassadors, will be working with you throughout the Summer School.

Take a look at the pages to your right for more information about what you'll do, who you'll meet and what to pack but really importantly, check out the form below to let us know which subject taster sessions you would like to participate in on the second day!

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What to pack

What do you need to bring? Here's some information as to what you are going to need to bring with you on the three days and also some top tips from our student mentors.

There isn't a list of things that you definitely have to bring, or that you can't bring to the summer school as we know everyone will be different but here's some guidelines as to what might be useful to pack in your bag!


Clothes - may sound silly but you do have to think that you're going to be away from home for a few days so bring enough clothes to cover those 3 days. Also think about the weather that we may have during the summer school. You will have your own room at the summer school, so don't worry about having to carry it around. Also think about the type of shoes that you're going to bring, as some of the sessions will require you to be active, so comfortable is probably best

Toiletries - whilst you do have your own en-suite room you will have to bring your own toiletries along with, this includes your own towel. Don't worry there is a shop just around the corner if anything runs out or you have forgot something

Other things to think about

Bedding - on the summer school bedding will be provided, but there is nothing stopping you bring your own pillow if you wish.

Graduation party - on Wednesday night you will be attending the summer school graduation party and you have the option to wear whatever you would like. In the past, students have worn ball gowns and suits but it is completely fine to wear causal clothing as well; there will be a combination of different styles so be comfortable.

Electronics - whilst on the summer school, you will be in sessions and doing activities for large periods of the day but if you do wish to bring along stuff like iPads or other portable devices you can do. However, the university can take no responsibility for items that are lost, broken or stolen during the summer school.

Money - All of your meals, transport and social activities are provided free of charge during the summer school, but if you do wish to bring money along with you that is okay. There's a student shop on campus, and you will be staying in Buxton town cente. Similarly to electronics, we can take no responsibility if this money is lost.

Is there any cost involved in taking part in the Summer Residential?

No it is absolutely free. The only thing that you will need to do if you want to, is bring along some money for snacks and drinks if you want to buy  them.  Plenty of snacks and drinks, as well as all your meals will be provided though, so you won’t need to bring much.

What’s the accommodation like?

If you attend the Summer School you will have your own room. All rooms have en-suite facilities. You’ll be given a full induction into the building when you arrive, along with instructions about what to do in the event of a fire. The building will have night time staff, and student mentors will stay in the blocks with you. The blocks will be all male or all female, there’ll be no mixed-sex blocks.

Would I be able to go out on my own or with mates if I want to?

As you’re under 18 years old the University has a legal responsibility to provide a secure and safe learning environment for all our summer school students. Part of this requires that we would need to know of your whereabouts at all times. Therefore you would not be able to wander about by yourself or with friends unless you’re with a student mentor or a member of staff and you have asked permission first. This may seem a little strict but it’s necessary and will be applicable throughout the duration of the summer school.

Will all the students know each other?

The students that are awarded places on the Summer Residential are from across the Midlands. Some students will know each other as they may go to the same school. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be together all the time as students are grouped differently for their activities. We will be doing loads of different things to get to know each other so don’t worry about not knowing anybody. Last year, some participants even chose to stay in flats with friends they had made on the first day, instead of staying with friends they had come with.

What if my family/carers needed to get in touch with me?

Nearly all the students on previous summer schools have brought along their mobiles with them, however, students are responsible for their own property and the University can’t accept liability for the loss or damage of mobile phones. If your parents need to get in touch with you they can ring any of the numbers on the contact sheet that will be sent separately, this includes summer school staff and emergency 24 hour numbers to call.

A typical day

Here's some information as to what you are going to be doing over the three days on our Summer School. This goes through the activities, workshops and social events but we've left a few things out as a surprise!

Here is the rough schedule for the three days. Some of the sessions and timings may change but we will keep you informed on the Summer School. 

Your arrival and departure times will depend on your school as some are further away from Buxton than others. You should have received a letter letting you know what time you will be picked up and dropped off. If you're unsure, please check with the teacher organising the trip.

Tuesday 10 July

10:30am - Arrive at Buxton (refreshments)

11:00am - Welcome to Summer School and Team Building activities begin!

12:30pm - Lunch

1:15pm - University Survival Challenge and Campus Tour Quiz

3:15pm - Collect room keys at Halls of Residence

5:15pm - Dinner

6:00pm - Team Building activities

6:45pm - Quiz

8:30pm - Chill out time

Wednesday 11 July

9:00am - Breakfast

10:00am - Taster Sessions - Subjects

12:00pm - Lunch

12:45pm - Union of Students Workshop

1:45pm - First Aid Workshop

3:00pm - Taster Sessions - Clubs and Societies

7:00pm - Graduation Party (with buffet)

Thursday 12 July

9:00am - Breakfast

9:45am - Careers Workshop

11:00am - Guest Speaker

12:00pm - Lunch

12:45pm - Final Goodbye and evaluations

2:30pm - Depart Buxton

During your time at the summer school you will meet other Year 10 students from schools all across Derbyshire. You will be allocated into groups during the day to take part in the session, and also allocated into flats for the evening, which will give you plenty of opportunity to meet new people, socialise and have a good time during your stay. As well as this we have also put together some activities for you to get involved with.

The summer school get to know you challenge

On the first day of the summer school, you will take part in a series of team-building challenges and tasks, culminating in the Halls quiz to see which team can reign supreme. 

This will involve completing practical tasks, solving puzzles and thinking outside of the box throughout the day.

Summer school graduation party

On your final night at the summer school, you will be able to party away at your summer school graduation. You'll have the chance to dress up and dance the night away in our Devonshire Dome.