Royal Malaysia Police - University of Derby

A historic partnership with the Royal Malaysia Police

Malaysian flag flying outside the University “This course will improve the overall expectations the public have of the PDRM, as it professionalises the police service." Sergeant Muhammad Zuifadh Bin Ab. Wahab, recent graduate

A collaboration in police training between the Institute and the Royal Malaysia Police has made history. It’s the first time a UK university has become the awarding body for an entire country’s police force and it means that every police officer in Malaysia will have their training accredited by the University of Derby – that’s over 100,000 people.

A vision for world-class police training in Malaysia

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP) published his 2013 Vision for Police Training in Malaysia, in which he set out his intention to create "modern and world-class policing through dynamic training”.

Specifically, the Royal Malaysia Police’s leadership sought independent scrutiny and quality assessment of its initial training programmes for new recruits at constable, sergeant and inspector levels.

They also wanted to provide a suite of awards that presented a coherent framework of policing qualifications, and become one of the first police services in the world to achieve this.

This innovative approach to ‘professionalising’ policing was noticed and welcomed at once by our experts. Head of Leadership Education at the Institute and former senior police officer, Nick Howe, was part of the initial team sent out to begin discussions. He explains: “The Royal Malaysia Police had clearly embraced the concept of policing being a profession, and as such, viewed the subject matter ‘policing’ as a legitimate academic discipline, in the context of how policing is both learned and importantly, understood”, says Nick.

He also found that they “wholeheartedly positively embraced” the principle that “intellectual capital is the domain of the whole organisation”, rather than the preserve of ‘management’ – a traditional view held by many.

A competitive landscape

Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) began discussions with a number of universities in 2012 but following a competitive selection process, the Institute at the University of Derby was chosen as the successful partner and an agreement was signed.

The outcomes so far

This collaborative programme was formally launched on the 207th Malaysian Police Day, 25 March 2014.

So far, we have worked with the RMP to accredit their basic police training programme for new recruits at three levels:

  • Constables gain a Level 3 Diploma in Policing
  • Sergeants gain a BSc (Hons) Police Science (Top-Up)
  • Inspectors gain a Postgraduate Certificate in Police Leadership.

Officers receive training in areas such as the Law, investigation and interview techniques, suspects’ rights, management, leadership and administration.

The courses are delivered by police trainers in Malaysia but are overseen and quality controlled by our tutors.

In 2014, there were approximately 3,000 graduates and in 2015, there will be approximately 6,500 graduates.

We have received many positive comments from those who have undertaken the programmes, including these from the following graduate sergeants:

“I now have a great sense of pride and achievement at completing the course and doing very well. It will help me to become a better officer, dealing confidently with the public. I would now like to progress within PDRM and do a masters course at the University.”

Ernee Nabasureen Bin Mohammed Nadzik

“I am pleased that the University is collaborating with PDRM. I have met the staff from the University a few times and they have been helpful, providing good explanations and information.”

Muhammad Iqram Bin Ahmed Shahril

[PDRM stands for Polis Diraja Malaysia (‘Royal Malaysia Police’)]

The Royal Malaysia Police are, as a result of this partnership, becoming a hub for police training in Southeast Asia, attracting officers from all over the world, such as Brunei, Australia and Korea.

Value-added services

In addition to providing the services that are integral to the accreditation, we have also created strong links between the teaching teams in Malaysia and the UK.

For example, we’ve sent over academics to deliver guest lectures on topics such as the psychology of interviewing. Institute staff also hold an induction event for those starting the programmes and organise regular ‘feedback forums’.

The future of this partnership

RMP have asked us to look at accrediting all of their other training for existing police officers, so that progression to higher-level qualifications is available within the organisation.

We intend to use our expertise in work-based learning to enhance this training, for example, incorporating research projects that have a practical focus, related to the specialism of each officer.

Dr Kassim Noor Mohamed summarises the future of this partnership:

“We will continue to work with RMP on enhancing existing curriculums, accrediting their other training and developing their academic team, with the eventual aim of handing over full control of the qualifications to RMP. It’s essentially about knowledge transfer.”

Dr Kassim Noor Mohamed, Project Manager (Malaysia) for the Institute

Portrait of the Inspector General of Police, Royal Malaysia Police “We thank the University of Derby for this strategic collaboration and for helping us realise our vision of becoming the provider of modern and world class policing with human resource of the highest integrity, knowledge and competence.” Inspector General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar
Project Manager (Malaysia) for the International Policing and Justice Institute, Dr Kassim Noor Mohamed “Many of Derby’s academics are former law enforcement officers so they have the on-the-ground experience that many other universities don’t have. I also worked as a senior customs officer in Malaysia and worked closely with the Royal Malaysia Police for over 20 years.” Dr Kassim Noor Mohamed, Project Manager (Malaysia) for the Institute