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Providing quality assurance to the Police College in Qatar

Qatari police officers march in line at the Inauguration Ceremony of the national Police College "Quality assurance includes not only the academic side, but everything that goes towards developing a world-class police education institution" Sara Ward, Quality Expert for the Police College of Qatar; Senior Lecturer in Law at Derby.

The Qatar National Vision 2030 is a clear and ambitious roadmap for Qatar's future. Developing a world-class police force is an essential part of that future, and in March 2015, the Police College of Qatar opened, which was the first important step for the country in achieving the vision.

Our Institute works closely with the Police College of Qatar to provide quality assurance and help make it a regional model of excellence in the field.

The history between Derby and Qatar

Nick Slade, Director of International Development for the University explains how this exciting opportunity emerged:

“We have been working in Qatar for several years and have built relationships with several educational institutions. We regularly meet with the national higher education body, the Supreme Education Council, to try to help them achieve their strategic aims.

"We have also signed an articulation agreement with the College for North Atlantic Qatar, just outside Doha, who deliver a range of high quality technical and vocational programmes.

"As a result of these links, approximately 90 Qatari students each year enrol on one of our courses at Derby – engineering and business programmes are particularly popular.

“Then in January 2014 a senior delegation from Qatar visited us in Derby to discuss our international policing and criminology provision. Following a return trip to Qatar, we were invited to present a proposal to the Police College about how we might help them establish their new institution and ensure its success.”

The current picture and future growth

The Inauguration Ceremony of the Police College in Qatar was held in March 2015 and was attended by high-profile policing figures such as Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

The first cohort of students began on the Bachelors Degree in Law and Police Sciences in 2015, which included approximately 130 students, most of whom were Qatari nationals, but there were also a small numbers of students from neighbouring countries such as Kuwait and Palestine.

Our current involvement has been laying the important foundations for the College’s future, which is due to undergo a rapid expansion plan between now and the end of 2017.

Student numbers are set to double year on year, however this rate will increase once separate female facilities are built, allowing female recruits to be admitted to the College.

When completed, the campus will be the size of a small town and will house an impressive array of facilities, including:

  • accommodation for 500-600 students
  • two Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • two athletics tracks
  • a parade ground and stadium
  • state-of-the-art training facilities and teaching facilities, and
  • a hospital for students and staff.

A valuable partnership

Quality Expert for this project, Ms Ward, is clear about the benefits of this association: “Qatar is eager to increase its profile internationally and to demonstrate that it is forward thinking and striving for a level of police education and professionalism that’s on a par with the UK.

"The International Policing and Justice Institute is helping to develop a future Qatari police force that meets these international standards in terms of accountability, transparency, equality and human rights. In return, by being here, we are raising our profile in the region and proving our academic credibility."

The client:

"Our main objective...is building graduates armed with knowledge and science and who are able to contribute and take part in preserving the security of society along with the safety of all individuals..."

H.E Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Police College

Qatar Police College logo

Project lead:

“It is hoped that this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship, where both partners can gain as much as possible from the other, through the sharing of good practice and differing experiences and cultures.”

Ms Sara Ward, Quality Expert for the Police College of Qatar; Programme Leader and Senior Lecturer in Law for the University of Derby.