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Mr David Churchill BA JP, Associate Lecturer

David is an associate lecturer at the University and is now working within the International Policing and Justice Institute, where he has developed a Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Crime and Management.

His academic experience also includes part-time lecturing at Teesside University and at the University of Oporto in Portugal.

Professional background

David brings more than 20 years' policing expertise in financial crime and fraud investigation to the Institute. As Head of the West Midlands Police Economic Crime Unit, he was responsible for the management of serious and organised crime and carried out numerous investigations throughout the UK and abroad.

He also has experience of working with the Serious Fraud Office in London on a number of complex investigations and was a member of their Joint Vetting Committee.

As a trained financial investigator, David has significant experience of obtaining evidence from overseas and dealing with a wide range of offences, such as:

  • internal company fraud
  • public sector corruption
  • banking fraud
  • cheque and credit card fraud
  • investment fraud
  • advanced fee fraud
  • insurance fraud
  • election fraud, and
  • money laundering.

Current role in industry

David is a director (and Co-owner) of The Fraud Partnership, a company that specialises in fraud investigations, asset tracing and recovery, and all aspects of financial crime training.

He was appointed as an independent adviser in an investigation into allegations of serious and complex fraud and corruption cases in Northern Ireland. He has also worked for a number of PLCs.

Extensive international experience

For several years David has worked for the European Union on projects identifying best practice and presenting effective training projects in the fight against financial crime and money laundering and terrorist financing — in Montenegro, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey and Bosnia.

In 2012-13 he was involved in training the Afghanistan Intelligence Service in Kabul and the Qatar Intelligence Service in London, with a specific focus on money laundering and terrorist financing, practice and procedure.

More recently he has worked with a number of national media organisations in relation to asset tracing and allegations of fraud; he provided expert knowledge and assisted with their investigations. In 2015 he appeared on a national televised debate that was addressing the issues of motor vehicle fraud investigations.

Views on the Institute 

For David, one of the most important aspects of the Institute is the applied nature of its police and criminal justice education, which is the result of bringing together highly qualified academics and experienced former police officers.

Not only does this approach ensure that every student receives a unique perspective on policing in the 21st century, but it means that the Institute is the first institution in the world to offer a diverse range of courses and bespoke accreditation programmes dedicated to policing and criminal justice.

David is delighted to be working within an organisation that allows him to draw on his policing experiences and on the work that he continues to carry out for his own fraud consultancy.  

Portrait of Associate Lecturer in Financial Crime, Mr David Churchill David is delighted to be working within an organisation that allows him to draw on his policing experiences and on the work that he continues to carry out for his own fraud consultancy.