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Understanding radicalisation

Phil Henry Dr Philip Henry recently developed the Postgraduate Certificate in Understanding Radicalisation, offered through the International Policing & Justice Institute

11 March 2016

Dr Philip Henry, Director of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby, has recently developed the Postgraduate Certificate in Understanding Radicalisation, which is being offered through the International Policing & Justice Institute.

Applying sociological and criminological perspectives throughout, the new postgraduate certificate aims to address one of society’s major challenges. It provides students with the opportunity to examine conceptual theories within the arena of terrorism studies, including examining security and intelligence. The new certificate will be taught in the evenings and will incorporate lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations by guest speakers and practical classes, as well as scenario testing and analysis.  

Commenting on the new certificate Dr Henry said: “I am delighted to have had the opportunity to put this programme together, which will not only enhance our understanding of radicalisation, but will contribute practical applications that will help policing, security services and communities to counter this pernicious threat to our way of life.'

The new certificate will develop understanding of the nature and causes of radicalisation and examines radicalisation theories that will inform policy-making. The qualification will be of particular interest for those interested in a career - or developing their career - in the civil service, policing, intelligence and security services, and human rights organisations.

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