Agenda - Human Trafficking Conference - University of Derby

Conference agenda

Monday 23 November - Conference Day 1

Morning Session Chair: Dr David Walsh

Opening Address and Welcome - Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

Welcome from the Institute - Professor Kevin Bampton

9.30am Keynote Speaker: Paul Broadbent, Chief Executive of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority
10.00am Session 1: Intelligence, Co-operation and Sharing (3 speakers)
10.45am Break and movement time
11.15am Session 1 workshops (5 groups)
12.00pm Feedback from session 1 workshops
12.30pm Lunch and Prayers
Afternoon Session Chair: Professor Kevin Bampton


Session 2: Surveillance, Detection and Investigation -Transnational Issues (3 speakers)

2.45pm Session 2 workshops (5 groups)
3.45pm Break
4.15pm Feedback from session 2 workshops 
4.45pm Closing reflections from day 1
8.00pm Conference Dinner - Intercontinental Hotel

 Tuesday 24 November - Conference Day 2

Morning Session       Chair: Dr Philip Hodgson

Welcome and opening remarks


Keynote Kevin Hyland, UK Antislavery Commissioner

 9.35am Session 3: Deception, Interception, Detention (3 speakers)
10.15am Break
10.45am Session 3 workshops (5 groups)
11.45am Session 3 feedback
12.15pm Lunch and Prayers

Afternoon Session  

Chair: Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall


Session 4: Victim and Witness Care, Forensics and Prosecution (3 speakers)

2.45pm Session 4 workshops (5 groups)
3.30pm Break
4.15pm Session 4 feedback
4.45pm Concluding remarks - Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall & PDRM

Please note: These times are subject to change