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Choosing Derby

A degree was always something I knew I wanted to do. I have had an interest in how the country was run for many years and the moment I started reading up on international relations and global development and the law, I know it was the right course for me and something I wanted to learn more about.

A rewarding course

International Relations and Global Development teaches us how the politics of the world’s nations work. We learn how to think and act like diplomats and understand how diplomats are able to take a situation that two very different sovereign states disagree on and find a common ground. We were all given the chance to go to the United Nations in Geneva and not just talk to but change the views of some influential people.

This course does not cradle you - it gives you real life experiences that set you apart from everyone else.

A supportive network

The lecturers really make you want to come each class and the passion they show for the subject inspires you to want to learn. Even in situations where you don't completely understand something, as busy as they may be, they still take the time out to explain things to you.

Over the course of your time at university, you find yourself in the library more than you would have ever thought! The library staff are also really friendly and when you need help trying to find certain things they are happy to help you.

Great opportunities

As I have previously mentioned, there is a trip to the United Nations in Geneva as part of your field work for International Relations and Global Development but there are also other chances for internships and volunteer work. The University's enterprise hub is always able to find you paid placements and internships as well as voluntary work.

As students we always find ways to make friends and live the student life. From societies to people you meet at social events, there are always opportunities to get to know people. Derby is a large place and you feel like everyone is in the same situation as you.

I have just finished my second year at Derby and am now considering a masters in diplomacy after graduation.

Choose Derby

I would really recommend the University of Derby. It’s a place of great heritage with the friendliest local community. It is also a very diverse community.

You are in the heart of the midlands, so other universities are easy to get to. The lecturers are all great individuals who are willing to help you not just academically but if you need advice on life in general.

Nifemi "The lecturers really make you want to come each class and the passion they show for the subject inspires you to want to learn."