Preparing for recruitment exhibitions

Recruitment exhibitions are a fantastic opportunity for your students to speak to representatives from universities and education providers across the country. We know the key to your students making the most of their time at a recruitment exhibition is the planning they do in advance; therefore we have created some useful resources to help your students think about what they want to get out of an upcoming recruitment fair.

What are Recruitment Exhibitions?

Recruitment exhibitions are an ideal starting point when thinking about going to university and can give you the opportunity to speak to lots of different universities all in one location. At these exhibitions you can find out more information about the courses that universities offer, pick up prospectuses and meet current university students. Recruitment exhibitions are also a good opportunity to speak to universities who may not be local to your school or college, as well as giving you the chance to attend seminars and workshops around applying to university.

Recruitment exhibitions can vary in size, with large fairs being run by organisations such as UCAS, What University, or UK University Search.

You may also be invited to attend a small careers or Higher Education fair at your school or college, where you will be able pick up a prospectus and find out more information about what courses the various universities offer.

Being prepared!

Your time at an exhitbition may be limited, so being prepared will make sure you get the most out of the day.


Where are they?

Each year there are a range of recruitment exhibitions across the country. Staff from the University of Derby will be attending fairs at the following locations:

Monday 25 February - Tuesday 26 February UCAS University of Surrey
Friday 1 March - Saturday 2 March What University Live NEC Birmingham
Tuesday 5 March - Wednesday 6 March UCAS Manchester Central
Thursday 7 March - Friday 8 March UCAS De Monfort University
Monday 11 March - Tuesday 12 March UCAS University of West of England
Wednesday 13 March - Thursday 14 March  UCAS Brunnel University
Friday 15 March UCAS Kent Event Centre
Friday 15 March UK University Search King Power Stadium, Leicester
Tuesday 19 March - Wednesday 20 March UCAS Westpoint Exeter
Thursday 21 March UCAS University of Worcester
Monday 25 March - Tuesday 26 March UCAS EXCEL London
Wednesday 27 March UCAS University of Lincoln
Thursday 25 April  UCAS Brighton Centre
Thursday 2 May UCAS University of Winchester
Friday 7 June UCAS Staffordshire University
Tuesday 11 June UCAS University of East Anglia
Thursday 13 June UCAS University of Essex
Friday 14 June UCAS Liverpool ACC
Monday 17 June UCAS Newmarket Racecourse, Cambridge
Tuesday 18 June UCAS University of Hull
Wednesday 19 June - Thursday 20 June UCAS Leeds Beckett University
Thursday 20 June - Friday 21 June UCAS University of Bedfordshire
Friday 21 June  UCAS Fly DSA Sheffield Arena
Monday 24 June - Tuesday 25 June UCAS NEC Birmingham