British Science Week 2021

This year's theme for British Science Week is 'Innovating for the future' and below we have collated some of the amazing work our staff and students are doing, insights into how we are innovating the future and activities for you to get involved with.

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What is British Science Week?

British Science Week aims to celebrate all aspects of Science, Technology. Engineering and Maths and showcase how STEM can play a pivotal role in the future of the world. There are many challenges facing modern society and many of the solutions to these sit within STEM.

At Derby, we give our students the opportunity to take on these challenges and change the world - they have an important role to play in solving them and shaping the future.

Introduction to Science Video

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How are we innovating the future?

Across all of our degree programmes, our students take a look at the challenges the STEM sector faces and investigate how they can make a difference. We have collated a handful of the activities that your students can complete to grow their curiosity and start their journey towards being future influencers within the STEM sector. 

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Many zoos and conservation parks have found difficulty during 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it has posed some difficult debates around the balance between financial sustainability and animal welfare.

Our design a zoo for the future activity gives your students the opportunity to consider how to meet all of the logistical requirements of running a zoo as well as supporting the conservation of species and their ecosystems. Included in the activity pack is our overview presentation, animal handout listing species to consider and an overview of the IUCN Red List categories.

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Transport is a key consideration for cities and is a necessity for many people. With more people depending on transport, how can we make sure that our future transport use is suitable for the planet? 

The worlds' population is expected to increase by 2 billion over the next 30 years thus increasing the demand for transportation. The Paris Agreement, which is an international treaty on climate change aiming to limit global warming, has outlined that fossil fuel usage needs to shrink to roughly half of the overall total energy supply in by 2050, so finding the balance between supplying transport but ensuring that our climate action targets are met is key. Our activity will allow students to imagine and plan how the transport system in the East Midlands will look in 20 years time, whether that be the electrification of roads to allow continuous charging or driverless pods that take us where we need to go.

Our activity pack includes an overview presentation outlining the task and some key considerations when designing your transport.

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Over the last decade, Crime Scene Investigation has been glamourised through television shows such as CSI and NCIS, but what is actually involved in working at a crime scene?

Our Crime Scene Investigation activity gives your students the opportunity to understand the different roles that they would find at a crime scene and the chain of command associated with processing a scene. Additionally, they will be able to decide on which roles are required for our mock scenario and download crime scene documentation to use during their own investigations. Our activity pack includes an overview presentation of the roles associated with crime scene investigation, activities for your students to complete and example crime scene documentation that can be used during practical work.

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A key aspect in innovating for the future is research. Research allows us to understand the challenges we currently face in the world, question why this is a challenge and ultimately change the world. 

As scientists and engineers, we're naturally curious about our world. We have dedicated research centres that intend on making the world greener, healthier, safer and more productive.

Our academics have been working on a wide range of projects across all areas of STEM. Find out more about our research here or by reading some of the current topics we have been focusing on.

Finding out more information about what we do

Getting involved in STEM does not stop once British Science Week is over. At Derby, we have a wide range of degree programmes across science, technology, engineering and maths that allow your students to question, understand and change.

They can find out more about applying to university on our Derby on Demand platform. Derby on Demand brings students the very best of Open Days on their terms. They can access exclusive online content wherever they are, whenever they want and see all Derby has to offer.

They can also chat with our current students through our Unibuddy platform. We have a range of students studying on our STEM programmes who can give an insight into their experiences of being a student at Derby.

What do our staff and students say?

Have you wondered what our students do on a day-to-day basis? Would you like to know what placement opportunities they have whilst studying with us? These are just some of the questions we posed to both our staff and students.

Discover what it's like being a STEM student at the University of Derby. From exploring the environment on placements to conducting testing in our labs and workshops, every day is different and gives our students the experience to make a difference in the STEM sector. Follow the links below to find out more from each of our students:

We have quizzed our academics about the courses we offer at Derby, including what placements and internships are available, the facilities that we have to offer, the teaching teams and what careers they can progress onto after studying with us.

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