Date and time
Wednesday, 11 March 2020 09.00 -
Thursday, 12 March 2020 15.00

Kedleston Road and Markeaton Street, Derby Campus

Year groups Year 10 to Year 13

89%of students who attended in March 2019 rated the event Excellent or Very Good**Feedback from evaluation March 2019
100%of teachers who attended in March 2019 said that it was useful for their students**Feedback from evaluation March 2019
91%of students who attended are now thinking of university following their visit**Feedback from evaluation March 2019

What will the event include?

Our STEMFest event, hosted during British Science Week, will give your students the chance to explore the careers and opportunities available within the STEM sector. Taking place on Wednesday 11 March and Thursday 12 March, this year's event is themed around making a difference. Throughout the two days we will be tackling several of the UN Sustainability Goals and inspire your students to see how their passion for STEM can lead to changing the world. You and your students are welcome to attend either day or both days of the event.

During the morning, you and your students will be able to explore the campus and speak to staff and current students about course areas relating to STEM. We will have a variety of interactive activities for your students to try and current students showcasing their work and passion for STEM.

Your students will have the opportunity to attend several masterclasses during each day, all themed around the UN Sustainability Goals. Across both days, topics linked to STEM will be covered and a full list of sessions is detailed below.

To conclude the day, your students will have the opportunity to focus on a topical question, related to a particular UN Sustainability Goal and how we can make a difference. Students will work with academics to understand the challenges that we currently face, identify what we can do to initiate the change and then present their ideas back to the group. The STEM sector will play a pivotal role in identifying and facilitating crucial changes to our planet and everyday life and your students can start to lead the change.

We have a variety of different masterclass sessions that your students are able to attend across both days of our STEMFest. Each session will look into a particular aspect of STEM and how it has an impact on the UN Sustainability Goals

Psychology: The Trials and Tribulations of Modern Life - Narcissism, psychological well-being and distress

Geoscience: Ancient Climate Changes: Clues from the Fossil Record

Bioscience: Using Vegetation to Address the Climate Change in Cities

Mechanical Engineering: The Principles of Flight

Mechanical Engineering: Engineering Automation

Computing: How can Artificial Intelligence Help us?

Electronics: Renewable Energy

Architecture: Building Bridges - The importance of materials

Electronics: High Current - Dragster Racing

Forensics: Introduction to Forensics

Sport: Uncovering the Physics of Sport

Geoscience: Mass Extinctions and Climate Change

Geoscience: Climate Change and the Oceans

Bioscience: Connecting with Nature

Motorsport Engineering: Racing Car Aerodynamics

Mechanical Engineering: Plastic Fantastic

Computing: Doing Big Data on a Small Device

Bioscience students in the glass house looking at plant biology


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