We provide a range of on-site events focusing on English, Creative Writing, Publishing and History. These events are designed to give your students an insight into university life. We are also able to provide a range of taster workshops for your students. These sessions can take place at either the University or your school or college. For more details and to book on-site events or taster sessions, please see the information below.

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100%student satisfaction in (BA Hons) English**National Student Survey

Date: Flexible
Year group: Year 12
Maximum size of group: 50
Location: Kedleston Road, Derby
Length of event: Full day
Description: For your students who love books - come and explore the worlds of creative writing, English and publishing and the wide range of course options that a student can choose from through a series of tasters. This practical taster day will include: 

Creative writing

- Students will have the chance to design their own book cover. This is a team activity that tests creativity, marketing sense and most importantly, the ability to write clear instructions that any designer will be able to follow. Students won’t need to be able to draw but they will need to think visually and describe their thoughts in clear, accessible language.

- This exercise will open up students imaginative skills whilst honing their perception, observation and knowledge of the world. It will demonstrate that the imaginary and the real are more closely linked than they may at first appear. Students can use their work to compose a short story or poem and enter it into our competition.


- Students will trace one particular (true) story from its origin as a small news item and then follow it as it became a magazine article, then a book, then a movie, and finally a powerful contemporary myth for young adults around the world.


- What is the difference between literature and other forms of communication? This session will address this question by way of participation in an analysis of some short poems. As students will see, literary texts play with the slipperiness of meaning - and this has far-reaching consequences, taking us to the limits of language and thought.

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Academic Taster Sessions

Date: Flexible
Year group: Year 12/13
Maximum size of group: Flexible
Location: University of Derby/your school or college
Length of event: Flexible
Description: We can provide a range of taster workshops for your students, either at the University or at your school or college. Examples of the types of tasters we can offer include:

Hands on History:
Derby and the world

Exhibiting the British Empire: 
In this session, you will learn about the impact of the British Empire on everyday life and culture in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and examine whether 'ordinary people' actually took much notice of what was going on in the colonies. In particular, we will explore how historians can interpret events such as London and Glasgow in order to entertain people and teach them about the supposed benefits of the British Empire.

Throughout the activity we will be discussing a number of primary sources, including posters, film clips, and even a recipe for Christmas pudding, to see what they can tell us about Britain's relationship with it's colonies. This will give you a good sense of the kind of source-based debates that make History an exciting and entertaining subject at university-level.

Teenagers in post-war Britain:
This session will explore how people in 1950s and 1960s Britain thought about 'the teenager'. It ask why 'the teenager' suddenly became a category that was discussed on film and in the newspapers, and will examine some of the concerns people had about this at the time. At the same time, the session will also ask to what extent young people at the time thought of themselves as 'teenagers' and what their leisure activities and fashions tell us about the social history of postwar Britain. 

Post-War Germany:
This session will explore how Germans adapted to life in occupied Germany after the end of the Second World War. We will examine how the occupying powers (Britain, the USA, France, and the soviet Union) attempted to deal with de-Nazification, whether they were successful at turning Nazis into democratic citizens, and how the German people embarked on the process of re-construction. How was Germany able to re-emerge as one of Europe's major powers within a couple of decades of experiencing destruction and devastation on an unprecedented scale?

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Date: Flexible
Year group: Year 12/13
Maximum size of group: Flexible
Location: University of Derby/ your school or college
Length of event: Flexible
Description: We can provide a range of taster workshops for your students, either at the University or at your school or college. Examples of the types of tasters we can offer include:

Publishing and creative writing:
A welcome guide to the wonderful world of working with words

In this session on Shakespeare's Othello we will examine how some of the central tenets of the 20th Century critical theory such as Freudian and Marxist ideology can be used to help open up the text. 

Child Language and Theory of Mind:
In this workshop students will be introduced to the concept of 'theory of mind', a capacity to understand other people's minds which is said to start developing in children between the ages of 3 and 4. During the workshop we will consider the role of theory of mind in communication, and we will compare recordings and transcripts of children's speech in order to see how linguistic choices reflect an understanding of other minds which is still in development.

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