Progression Conference 2018

Thank You

We would like to thank you for attending our annual Progression Conference on Thursday 5 July 2018. We hope that you found the day informative and engaging. We have created a section of resources from the day for you to use, this includes the presentations delivered at the Progression Conference, and other documents that you may find useful.

5 minutes with session in the Atrium for the 2018 progression conference
Catering during the progression conference 2018 in the atrium

Useful resources:

Steve Oakes - Teacher, researcher, author and education trainer.

This presentation discussed boosting students performance at Key Stage 4 and 5 by using the VESPA model. This informative keynote covered what the VESPA model and questioned how the model is important. These slides will advise on how you can practically apply this in your role.

Steven Oakes - Keynote speaker presentation - Progession Conference 2018

Rob Fowler, SMART Team Co-ordinator, University of Derby

This presentation and handy leaflet outlines the changes and developments happening in student finance, helping you learn more about fees, loans, bursaries and how as a practitioner you can advise your students. It explains the funding regime, the application process and the support services available to help students and their families. 

Student Finance presentation - Progression Conference 2018

Student Finance Leaflet - Progression Conference 2018

Charlie Foster Phillips and Nathan Robertson DANCOP

These slides focus on the role of NAS (National Apprenticeship Service) and UCAS and how you can support your students through the very competitive application processes of higher and degree apprenticeships. 

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships presentation - Progression Conference 2018

Krisha Bainham, Head of Widening Access and Jo Astley, Widening Access Manager, University of Derby

These slides will give an update around the current government policy drivers affecting Higher Education and progression to HE. This includes an overview of key government-funded projects such as Opportunity Areas and the National Collaborative Outreach Programme and covers the introduction of the new Access and Participation Plan all universities will have to complete. 

It also includes advice around how to engage with the University of Derby and other HEIs to make the most of the opportunities these formal mechanisms and projects may present for your pupils and students.

Government Policy overview presentation - Progression conference 2018

Lee Houghton, Careers Consultant, University of Derby & Buxton and Leek College

The careers strategy is part of the government’s plan to make Britain fairer, improve social mobility and offer an opportunity to everyone. These slides provide an overview of the Department for Education strategy and an opportunity for you to map your school/college against the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

Careers Strategy workshop Presentation - Progression Conference 2018

Sean Broome and Sarah Roeschlaub, Institute of Education, University of Derby

Learning in higher education requires a different approach from learning at school. When students move to university, they face the difficult challenge of meeting a new set of intellectual requirements. How can teachers help their students to prepare for this? Can evidence from the latest educational research provide any help? These slides are intended to help you develop ideas and insights.

Academic Transition to HE presentation - Progression conference 2018

Sara Hannak, Student Adviser, University of Derby

This presentation provides you with an overview of the University of Derby's Student Wellbeing offer. It explains the support available to students and provides you with a list of useful contacts in the field.

Student Wellbeing presentation - Progression Conference 2018