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Britain’s first national network for clinical nurse educators has been launched

The move is intended to raise the profile of clinical nurse educators, which the network’s creators say are now a “practical necessity” in modern healthcare settings.

It's the brainchild of Dr Bill Whitehead, Head of the Nursing Department at the University of Derby, and Liz Allibone, Head of Clinical Education and Training at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. Liz is the Chair of the network and Bill is the secretary. 

Both have years of experience in clinical education and have led research projects in this field.

Dr Whitehead said: “We both found independently, through our research and personal experiences, that these roles are becoming increasingly essential in modern healthcare settings."

He added: “Far from being an expensive luxury they are a practical necessity." 

Ms Allibone described the new network as “a great opportunity” for the clinical nurse educator role.

“It’s a huge step towards raising the profile and creating a recognised career pathway for the role of the clinically based nurse educator,” she said. “It will also offer a much needed support network and promote the sharing of best practice nationally.” she added.

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