20 Years of Law - University of Derby

Celebrating 20 Years of Law at Derby

20 Years of Law at Derby On Friday 8 May 2015, we celebrated the work and achievements of our Law School over the last 20 years.

18 May 2015

This year marked the 20th anniversary since the first cohort of law students graduated from the University of Derby.

The Law School, was first established in 1991 and has some of the country’s most advanced facilities, including courtrooms, crime labs, interviewing suites and a crime house. And now students, as well as those already in the legal profession, were invited to see the new £1.5m school.

Senior Personal Injury Solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors, Ranjit Sond, was among the first cohort of graduates, he said: “Back when I studied at the University of Derby the course was very well structured with a particular emphasis on practical skills, which very few universities were doing at the time. I can only imagine how they have developed in the past twenty years. There were students on my Legal Practice Course (LPC) from other universities who had no idea where to begin with advocacy or interview techniques.

The launch was held on Friday 8 May, beginning with a networking exhibition showcasing the work and achievements of the Law School over the last 20 years. This was followed by the launch of Derby Law School and an inspiring lecture from Kevin Bampton, Head of Law, Criminology and Social Sciences at Derby - Raising the Bar in Legal Education.

Kevin added: “Derby has been a quiet pioneer of legal education over the last two decades. Its impact and reach continues to grow from being one of the largest providers of free legal advice in the region to being a significant player in international justice education. The new name of ‘Derby Law School’ signals the next stage in its development. Over the next few months the Law School will be unveiling plans that aim to redefine the quality and expectations for those undertaking legal study.”

Evening celebrations then continued at Pitcher and Piano, with many staff and alumni in attendance.

A selection of images from the event and evening celebrations are below.

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