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Tutor Q&A – Mr David Hodgkinson, Senior Lecturer in Law

On which programmes and modules do you teach?

“I teach on two courses: LLB and LLB with Criminlogy, and on modules related to criminal law, legal context and skills, road traffic offences, white-collar crime, and commercial law.” 

What is your professional background and experience?

“I am a Barrister of Lincoln’s Inn. Prior to working in law, I was a director in a property management company with a £7 million pound portfolio.”

What research or other non-teaching projects are you currently involved in?

“I am the author of Virtual Criminal Lawyer for Pearson Education. I also act as legal adviser to The Advocacy Service, with is a charity providing advocates for people with learning disabilities. My research areas are inchoate offences (attempting or conspiring to commit crime) fraud and road traffic offences.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

“I love the fact that I can help students progress and find education and life in the law; that they can look at the whole picture of this flexible and exciting subject and that I play a part in this.

“I’m also grateful to my students for keeping me on my toes, by challenging policy and asking me searching and analytical questions.”

What was it like to win Law Lecturer of the Year in 2013?

“It was a great feeling. A range of students across the law cohort nominated me so it meant a lot; I’m so thankful for their recognition.

“There were so many high-ranking academics also nominated so I was surprised when I won. However, I love my job and I care about the student experience and so perhaps this came across to the judges, and more importantly, to my students. I wouldn’t have minded if I didn’t win – having the students’ nomination was lovely in any regard.”

You were a student at Derby so what made you come back here to teach?

“Yes I graduated with an LLB (Hons) Law and also an LLM. I lectured for Staffordshire University and Buckinghamshire New University before coming here in 2007. Why did I come back? Because Derby is the best place to be!”


Profile picture of law tutor David Hodgkinson “It was a great feeling winning Law Lecturer of the Year 2013…I love my job and I care about the student experience"

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