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Amie Krubally, LLB student

Amie Krubally, aged 22, is in the third and final year of a full time LLB degree.

Deciding to study law

"I had initially considered pursuing a career in Medicine, and soon realised that was not the right choice for me. While considering other career options I was involved in assisting family and friends with different issues which required me to research the Law and correspond with third parties.

"I enjoyed doing this and thought that a career in Law might be suitable. So I undertook some legal work experience and sat in on some CILEx (Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) classes taught at my college which helped me confirm this was the career path for me."

Choosing Derby

"I actually came through Clearing. After having looked at my chosen universities, Derby stood out because of the practical elements in the course and the fact that it had its own courtrooms for us to practice in.

"After attending an open day I could see the lecturers were very enthusiastic about the course which gave me confidence that they would do all they could to help me do my best." 

The most enjoyable aspects

"Being a practical learner, the Legal Skills and Ethics module in the first year and Advanced Legal Skills and Ethics in the second year have been, by far, my favourite modules.

"These modules give you the chance to put into practice everything you've been taught through client meetings, negotiations, advocacy and similar styled assessments.

"They help you develop professionalism and learn how to distinguish between what information and law is relevant to a case, as it is easy to regurgitate everything you know; a practice which is neither helpful nor time/cost effective.

"Therefore when I apply for work experience and paralegal positions, I can say that while I may not have yet done my LPC, I do have relevant experience." 

Preparation for my career

"Through the Legal Skills and Ethics and Advanced Legal Skills and Ethics modules, the course is teaching me how to effectively:

  • apply the Law
  • work in a multifaceted team
  • interact empathetically but professionally with clients.

"These are key skills employers are looking for.

"One summer I gained work experience in a solicitor's firm and one of my supervisors there mentioned that they've had graduates and trainees in the past who, on paper, appeared great, but in practice were lacking in those areas.

"Therefore modules such as these allow me to make mistakes and learn from them in a controlled environment, and so when applying for paralegal positions I already have a wealth of experience.

"Additionally, the opportunities our careers adviser works to secure for us are brilliant. I have been mentored, shadowed a Judge, attended a law society ball, joined networking dinners – the list goes on. These opportunities have been invaluable. They have given me the chance to network with professionals who are more than forthcoming in offering advice and tips, and who, in some instances, even offer work experience."

Life after the LLB

"In the summer after completing my degree, I hope to gain a year's work as a paralegal in a local firm; preferably in commercial or corporate law. While working as a paralegal, I intend to secure a training contract to attend law school."


LLB student, Amie Krubally, outside a city law court “I have been mentored, shadowed a Judge, attended a law society ball, joined networking dinners – the list goes on. These opportunities have been invaluable.”