Department of Humanities staff

Postgraduate Research Student

Kiran's PhD research project is a comparative study of the Panjabi translations of Shakespeare’s plays. Her focus is post-colonialism, decolonisation, partition literature, and feminism.

Ryan wearing sunglasses standing by a lake.
Postgraduate research student

Ryan is a postgraduate research student whose work is focused on warlike cultures and warrior traditions and how they can affect and shape the world-building process as it relates to Space Western short stories. 

Mary Anne smiling
Postgraduate Research Student

Mary-Ann is a Postgraduate Research Student who particularly focuses on the literature of Janet Frame, Toni Morrison and Marge Piercy. She explores the language of traumatic experience and healing, the use of healing art as a recovery medium from mental health issues.

Postdoctoral Fellow in History

As Postdoctoral Fellow in History, Dr William Tullett researches and publishes on the history of Britain between 1600 and 1850. He also teaches on the undergraduate and postgraduate History degrees within the Humanities department and contributes to heritage collaborations with external partners.

Stephen Watkins in a classroom.
Lecturer in English Literature

Dr Stephen Watkins is a Lecturer in English at the University of Derby.

Paul Whickman in a classroom.
Senior Lecturer in English

Paul is a Lecturer in English.

Academic Head, University of Derby Online Learning

Ian is an Academic Head at the University of Derby Online Learning.

Aled Williams
Lecturer in English

Dr Aled Williams is a Lecturer in English at the University of Derby. His research and scholarly interests are in Romantic-period literature, post-Romantic and Modern poetry, and student writing development.

Postgraduate Research Student

Beth is a Postgraduate Research Student whose area of research explores how post-millennials access and engage with the news and the reasoning behind this. 

Daniel wearing a flat cap standing outside amongst trees.
Postgraduate Research Student

Daniel is a postgraduate research student in the College of Arts, Humanities and Education. His research examines masculinity, morality and class through the lens of the Southern Gothic.