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Dr Godwin Oboh

National Assembly of Nigeria

Godwin Ehiarekhian Oboh obtained a PhD in Media Studies from the Department of Humanities at the University of Derby in 2012, having enrolled in 2009. 

His thesis focused on the Political Communication Model of the News Media in the Conduct of Elections in Post-Colonial African Countries-The Nigeria Experience, and explored how the media could more effectively be deployed to enhance the conduct of elections in African Continent. The leadership problem in some African countries today is traceable to the failure by some of the leaders to organise free and fair elections in the region. While postcolonial countries naturally constitute independent sovereign nations, many African countries still have difficulties organising free and fair elections. For example, a historical review revealed that virtually all the past Nigerian republics until 1999, failed due to election related problems. Oboh’s thesis examined the implications of electoral misconduct on African democracy, and discussed the role of the media in the conduct of elections.

In addition, Oboh served as PGR Student Representative at the University Research and Research Degrees Committee (URRDC), Coordinator for Postgraduate Student Research Seminars/Conferences in the School of Humanities. As a part of the spin-off from the thesis, Oboh published three articles while in Derby in refereed journals with two of the papers co-authored with his Director of Studies, Professor Robert Hudson. The University of Derby offers an enabling research environment with experienced researchers across faculties providing support for PGR students to complete their studies in record time.

Humanities Research Manager

Professor Paul Elliott 

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